Conscious Parents art class by Appointment Only
Conscious Parents art class by Appointment Only
Conscious Parents art class by Appointment Only
Conscious Parents art class by Appointment Only

Conscious Parents art class by Appointment Only

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Class schedule: online class you can learn by your schedule

This is an online class ONLY

[ The words that have the deepest impact on me ] The true function of education is to awaken our energy, let it explode, let it last, and make it strong and enthusiastic. At the same time, it also naturally has a binding force to lead oneself to the discovery of truth and true knowledge, and then this energy will become vast and unlimited. Not only will it not cause further misfortune, but it can also create a new society.

In fact, you will encounter this article not by accident, not by coincidence. That's because you are ready to live a purposeful life. What you choose now is to educate your children with a purpose, otherwise you will not read this article carefully. You are part of the change, and you know exactly what this means and what it means for the planet and our children’s children.

Conscious parenting is the concept of Dr. Shefali from the United States. Chinese translation means awakening parenting. From the "unconscious" parenting method to the "conscious parenting state. In fact, everyone has many "unconscious" states, and I also have. We don't need to blame ourselves, accept and forgive ourselves, admit that we have "blind spots" and are willing to learn and discover the blind spots, and make changes where we can see. But first we have to be able to see them.

Only when the parents themselves are in a state of awareness, can they be close to the child's heart and explore together with the child. Only when parents can express themselves freely and not criticize themselves can they truly begin to understand what their children are doing! Only after I have experienced it.

If you want a paintbrush to capture and preserve the beauties and joys of life…

If you want to reconnect with your inner spirit and rediscover the gentle of your heart…

If you want creative inspirations to flow you with ease…

Then join us in my Conscious Parents course and open your heart with the power of creation.

1. How to attend class?
After registration, you will be invited to join the WeChat Group for the class. You will have Zoom online and WeChat Group activities with voice message and texts and pictures sharing. It will be a 15-30 minutes duration each time. Other activities will be continued with WeChat Group in the form of voice + text + pictures in the group, within 15-30 minutes each time.

2. What time are the classes?
Beijing Time: 9:00am to 10:30am Eastern Standard Time: 9:00pm to 10:30pm

3. What materials are needed?
It is good to use children's drawing materials. In addition, you can use any objects that can be coloured, such as lipstick, coffee, and toothpaste or anything you think it is possible.

4. Can children go to the class together?
If you want, it's okay. There are also content to explore with children in the course.

Suitable audience:

-       Those who want to bring the power of art into their lives

-       Those who have children and want to improve the right way of education

-       Those who want to enhance their creativity

-       Those who want to find more inspirations from everyday life

-       Those who need to put together a portfolio for an art school application

-       Those who want to take their career to the next level

-       Those who want to learn a new skill

-       Those who are full of creative ideas and want to better express them

Course highlight:

We will discover a variety of methods to figure out the hidden joys and beauties in life. Then, we will reflect on these feelings and express them with art. It’s a process that will break apart and re-integrate yourself. In this process, you will rediscover yourself and your inner spirit. And in the end, it will enhance your perception, creativity, and planning.


1. Suki's personal story, why I design this course.
2. Cognitive upgrading, from unconscious parenting to conscious parenting;
3. The power of creativity. The courage to embrace uncertainty with children;
4. Feel the child's state and find the truest self;
5. Appreciate children's works and establish children's safety value network;
6. Get tools to guide children's creativity to a higher level;
7. Creative tools that can be inspired at all times in life;
8. Combing art history, showing you a bigger world;
9. Art exploration and practice with children.

Class Details:   

                      -6 Classes Total, each class will be 90 minutes

                      -Homework will be assigned after each class

                      -No Experience Required

Age requirement: 10 and above

Materials Required: Anything you like! Bring any thing that you want to express yourself with. It could be all kind of pens, acrylics, watercolour, chalks etc.

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