Organic Dyeing ( 7/9-8/6)
Organic Dyeing ( 7/9-8/6)
Organic Dyeing ( 7/9-8/6)
Organic Dyeing ( 7/9-8/6)
Organic Dyeing ( 7/9-8/6)
Organic Dyeing ( 7/9-8/6)
Organic Dyeing ( 7/9-8/6)
Organic Dyeing ( 7/9-8/6)
Organic Dyeing ( 7/9-8/6)

Organic Dyeing ( 7/9-8/6)

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Class Schedule:From July 9 to Aug 6, 2023
Every Sunday 1:30-4:00PM

Address: 5635 Yonge St. Unit 202, North York 


时间: 每周日(具体时间请加微信咨询)



洋葱皮,牛油果核,石榴皮,茶叶渣,咖啡渣… … 你是否知道,这些我们日常所见的厨余材料,有些事沿用数百年的天然染色剂?这些天然染料无毒,可降解,比化学染料更为健康且环保,而植物染这项有千百年历史的手工艺如今也正渐渐回归人们的视野。欢迎来到植物染的世界。





  1. 植物染历史,原理,不同地区的风格以及特殊染材
  2. 如何从天然植物中提取色素
  3. 热染色方法
  4. 染前处理(漂洗,媒染详细流程)
  5. 不同媒染剂效果对比
  6. 敲拓染
  7. 热转印染
  8. 扎染

Materials Required:

  1. Cotton/linen/silk/wool
  2. Onion skinavocado pitsleaves and other dyes… ( could be collected prior or during the course period)
  3. Alum
  4. Ferrous Sulfate powder
  5. Iron nails or small iron objects
  6. White vinegar
  7. Soda ash washing soda
  8. Stainless steel or aluminum pot not use for food
  9. Rubber gloves
  10. Yarn or string
From fabric research to material dyeing. LoveFunART's organic dyeing course helps you get knowledge of basic fabric mixture and dyeing, fabric research and material mixture. This course is an excellent choice for whom ready to attend fashion design and material art & design in Universities and/or love the sense of handmade clothing!

We will teach you real organic and fabric dyeing process and it's essential method through a mentality of creating your own material brand starting from zero experience.

For People who:

Love drawing and making painting
Need to build Art Portfolio
Wants to develop career promotion opportunity
Love Fashion and Creation
Love fabrics and art materials

Course Highlights:

Easy to learn: Quick start from how to use different material mixture and dyeing method .
Solid foundation: Get solid foundation for design with the knowledge in fabric research and material mixture. 
Once and for all: Finish the process of fabric research and practice, you will open a new door for your fashion design and fabric practice.


You will choose one or two different materials to learn the fabric dyeing and mixture material dyeing. Please be advise that you can not learn all the all the materials during the 5 sessions classes.

    Don't want to run all over the arts store to get the supplies?
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