Make Up  by Appointment Only
Make Up  by Appointment Only
Make Up  by Appointment Only
Make Up  by Appointment Only
Make Up  by Appointment Only
Make Up  by Appointment Only
Make Up  by Appointment Only
Make Up  by Appointment Only

Make Up by Appointment Only

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Class Schedule:From May 15 to June 12, 2021
                              Every Sunday 10:00-12:00 pm

Address: 5635 Yonge St, Unit 202, North York
Mindset + Techniques + Practice = Success

Why you need to learn make-up?

Make-up can bring people a beautiful visual enjoyment and a happy mood. It is a kind of expression of beautifying oneself and respecting others. It is actually a kind of etiquette for makeup development.

Different makeup for different occasions, which can reflect one more. Beauty identity and self-cultivation, makeup is more than just the content that makes you look beautiful. It is also a symbol of life attitude and lifestyle.

In terms of professional makeup, better to learn makeup through systematic learning, then makeup can help you become a makeup artist and stylist, let you have a high-paying job, bring you satisfaction and sense of accomplishment, not only dressing up others, but also dressing yourself, but the benefits are not enough!

There ere 5 sessions for this makeup class, following are details for each session;


Session 1
  • Learn about the fundamentals – Makeup tools, various types of cosmetics and formulations, lighting conditions, etc
  • Identify different skin types and basic daily skin care routine and preparing face for makeup application
  • How to pick the right shade of foundation and concealer
  • Application techniques for applying base foundation, Covering dark circles and blemishes, setting the base
Session 2
    • Practice applying the concealer and foundation, eyebrow grooming and shaping, simple eyeshadow with liner, eyelash curling using tool, mascara application, blusher and lipstick application.
    • Makeup look – Simple beauty makeup

    Session 3

    • Learn about color mixing and how to pick color combination for creating beautiful eyeshadows
    • Blusher application and types of blushers and bronzers in more depth
    • Highlights and contouring face
    • Lip contouring technique
    • Makeup look – Evening cocktail makeup
    Session 4
    • Focus on different kinds of eyeliners
    • How to do eyeliner using liquid, gel or pencil eyeliners
    • Practising Highlight and contouring, lip contouring
    • Makeup look – Bold eyeliners

    Session 5

    • Learn how to use glitters with eyeshadow
    • False eyelash application
    • Makeup look – Glam makeup