Interior Sketch
Interior Sketch
Interior Sketch
Interior Sketch
Interior Sketch

Interior Sketch

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Class schedule:  Please call 416-8299657 to book your class time.
Address: 5635 Yonge St. Unit 202, North York  

LoveFunART’s Interior Design courses teach interior design from sketch and furniture details to software design models. The course will lead you to an entry level with interior design.

It’s your dream, right? It takes many years to achieve that level, it ONLY takes less than 20 hours, then LoveFunART students will reach that level! (don’t forget homeworks though !)

This is the magic that LoveFunART can make it.We only  teach you the essentials, then you will figure out all the whole from the part! (homework is required as a part of the course!)

As we all know that Practice makes perfect.(Effective progress comes from regular practice, including small projects which trainees are not skillful but required), but not skills you are already perfect!

The method of learning is something more important than the  time you spend on it with less skills.

Before you start this course you need to  have knowledge of one and two points perspective and structure of objects. Or you have finished our Analytical Sketch course.


  • Love design rooms
  • Portfolio Preparation for Art School
  • Career promotion opportunity

Contents of the course:

Part 1 - Get basic knowledge of interior : 1. Multi-points perspective; 2.Use needle pen to draw furniture sketch; 3.Use marker to paint sofa and metal texture furnitures; 4.Use marker to paint plants and wood texture furnitures; 5. Learn the trend of interior design.

Part 2 - Make your own project by laptop: 6. How to use SketchUp to design interior space; 7.Measure the size of room you want to design. Looking for your ideas and concept; 8. Making floor plan of your design; 9.Making digital model of your design by SketchUp; 10.Making hand-drawing sketch for your design.

Materials Required: 
                    -One set of interior design markers

                    -One set of pencils

                    -One set of needle pens

                    -One eraser
                    -One sketch book (14*18 inch)
                    -One tracing paper book 
                    -One pencil sharpener
                    -One clip
                    -One ruler
                    -Laptop with SketchUp installed

Don't want to run all over the arts store to get the supplies?
Click here to view our supplies kit! 

*Note: If you miss a class, you can attend make-up classes within a year.