Hey, We Are Hiring!

We are a small and profitable company with entrepreneurial spirit, long-term development planning and long-term success vision. For the new team members, we will provide comprehensive training. For senior team members, we will integrate your development direction to create more space opportunities for your advancement. 

    Everyone in the team enjoys equal voice and unlimited opportunities for enhancement.
    If you have technical oriented, fun and loving, then please join us!

Current Open Positions:

Part-time 2hr Painting Event Art Instructor

We are looking for a teacher who can organize 2-3 hours zero basis painting. Some 2-3 hours 0 basis painting is carried out in the studio, others in the coffee shop. You need to be able to teach painting skills by using the simplest and fastest way; additionally, you need to have excellent communications with customers. If you are a passionate, hardworking and interesting person, then this is right job for you.

- Job Description:
 Effectively prepare curriculum content;

Organize small-scale 2-3 hours 0 basis painting (5-30 people), including the development of area and cafe venues;

Maintain relationships with current and potential customers;

Collect customer feedbacks; make effective adjustments to the work;

Effectively attract existing customers to participate in other courses and activities;

Regularly contact potential customers and continuously search for new activities and courses.

 - Qualifications:

Proficient in acrylic painting skills

Flexible and efficient skills to organize activities

Good control over timing

Good interpersonal and communication skills

- Compensation: 

Basic salary and commission


Part-time Outdoor painting Instructor 

We are looking for a teacher who can organize outdoor sketch activities. Each sketch activity lasts 3-3.5 hours, usually between 3-6 pm in weekend afternoon at outdoor park. If you do not have excellent sketch skills, do not panic. We can train you. You need occupy very strong learning ability and adaptability. If you like to describe outdoor scenery by your brush, enjoy sharing your creativity and inspiration, love to communicate with people, then this job will fit you.

 - Job Description:

Every weekend, organize outdoor sketch activities in the park if the weather permits;

Be able to carry out effective activities, for example, notify in advance the specific location to meet; select the location and make simple arrangements as required;

Good presentation and communication skills, able to motivate and encourage students. Enable students with zero basics to understand your instructions and complete their own masterpiece;

Be able to answer the counseling of passers-by;

Good photography skills to record activities entirely;

Effectively attract existing customers to participate in other courses and activities;

Be able to understand students’ feedback after the event; make effective adjustments to the work and propose new projects.

 - Qualifications:

English level sufficient to instruct painting

Have some experience in acrylic painting and reasonably better painting skills

Quick learner; able to teach in a step-by-step manner according to the training content

Very patient and enthusiastic to students; enjoy appreciating others

Ability to organize activities and adaptability

- Compensation:

Basic salary and commission


Part-time Animation Instructor 

We are looking for an animation teacher who has a solid basic animation knowledge (including human skeleton, muscle, life drawing, character design and computer production). Main duties are to teach systematic animation courses, and tutor students specializing in animation to prepare works collections.

 - Job Description:

Prepare lessons in advance; prepare the class content;

Discuss the design of syllabus and adjust it according to the students’ fundamentals and level;

Teach human skeleton, muscle, character design and other animation related content;

Make comments and feedbacks on student assignments.

 - Qualifications:

Solid professional skills;

Good communication and presentation skills, able to quickly identify the root causes of students' problems and point them out;

Very patient and enthusiastic to the students.

 - Compensation:

Basic salary and commission