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Online-Offline Tutorial

We understand your confusion and uncertainty. One hour of free consultation, whether it's about professional choices or portfolio-related questions, we will use the most professional knowledge to answer your queries.

Tailored Learning Plan

Every student is important to LoveFunART. We will customize a weekly learning plan just for you. Our teachers will provide timely feedback on your progress and performance.

Small Class Tutorial

All portfolio courses are taught in small class settings. This allows you to enjoy a VIP experience and follow a scientifically structured learning approach. You will not only secure offers but also gain motivation for your future studies and work.

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From resumes and essays to interview preparation... We will accompany you throughout the entire application process. We also provide information on volunteer activities and internships to enhance your resume.



Canadian Professional Art Portfolio Coaching

Online & Offline LearninG Portfolio Course Categories

Undergraduate Portfolio Preparation Class

LoveFunART's Star Classes, offering a wide range of art and design programs, specialize in preparing students for top college applications. We consistently achieve a very high success rate every year.

Target Audience: High school students or pre-college students aspiring to get admitted to their dream art universities.

Graduate Portfolio
 Preparation Class

An emerging program at LoveFunART, customized to meet the portfolio requirements of prestigious institutions. It helps undergraduates and postgraduates secure spots in their desired renowned schools.

Target Audience: High school or pre-college students with aspirations to gain admission to their preferred art colleges.

Private Tutoring

Renowned instructors create personalized plans and schedules based on students' individualities and the compatibility of their art school and major, rapidly enhancing their professional knowledge and skills.

Target Audience: High school students or pre-college students seeking to refine specific aspects of their art expertise.

Application Services

Our teachers provide comprehensive student application consultations, helping you highlight your strengths and guiding you towards acceptance into your dream school.

Target Audience: Students in need of assistance with application submission, essays, and interviews.

After-School Tutoring

Our goal is to support you in answering subject-related questions, completing homework, and achieving excellent grades throughout your college studies.

Target Audience: Current High school students or pre-college students studying art-related majors in art universities or colleges.

Resume and Portfolio
 Preparation Class

LoveFunART equips aspiring artists with internships and portfolio guidance, ideal for young talents eager to gain practical experience.

Target Audience: Young artists looking to enhance their resumes, enter the art and design market, and gain relevant industry experience.

Our Teaching Philosophy


The essence of design and painting lies in understanding its 11 fundamental principles. By grasping these, we can achieve twice the results in half the time and showcase more of our talents within limited timeframes.

LoveFunArt has always been committed to art education for high school students and adults. We continuously refine and polish our innovative teaching methods and philosophies. Ultimately, we have distilled our Logical Art Education Curriculum, summarizing the core of art education in a formula. This helps students achieve significant results in a short period.

Art Portfolios

Student Work Showcase

Our Team

The Expert Team at LoveFunART Canada

Suki Zhang

The Founder of LoveFunART

  • The Founder of LoveFunART Art School

  • Pioneer of the Logical Drawing Learning Method

  • Curator of Vanke Arting Art Festival

  • Top 5 Finalists of Markham Create Challenge

  • Exhibited work in New York and Paris

  • Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Public Art from Donghua University, ranked first in China for fashion design


Course Admissions Advisor

  • Art Agent for Spanish Royal Artist Carlos Morell

  • Representative for renowned American artist Terry Rose

  • Curator for Shanghai Art Expo Independent Galleries

  • Founder of the Toronto Art Warehouse Concept

  • Global Art School and Career Consultant


Illustration Design Mentor

  • Graduated from Western University with a bachelor's degree in Finance and Visual Arts, majoring in Art History.

  • Graduated from UAL Illustration, University of the Arts London

  • Specialized in watercolor, colored pencil, colored ink, Procreate and VR painting


Fashion Design Mentor

  • Designer for Canada Goose, Lululemon, and KISH Men’s Wear

  • Product Manager at Get Fresh Company

  • The works participated in Toronto Women's Fashion Week (March 2018), Toronto Men's Fashion Week (October 2017), PARK Show Calgary, (May 2016), Toronto Fashion Week – (previously WMCFW – March 2016), World MasterCard Fashion Week (Oct 2015), Fashion Arts Toronto Week (Winter 2015)


Illustration Portfolio Mentor

  • Graduated from Sheridan College Bachelor's degree, Illustration

  • Yan is an illustrator and storyteller based in Canada.

  • She is a natural born hoarder with a love for plants and animals

  • Brenda Clark Book Prize / Canon Colouring Page Contest


Architectural Design Instructor

  • Bachelor's degree in Architectural Design and Urban Planning from the University of Toronto

  • Graduated from the University of Toronto majoring in architectural design

  • Specialized in architectural design and architectural history, 3D models, analysis of portfolio project concepts, ideas, and plans


Photography and Video Art Instructor

  • Graduated from Sheridan College in Photography

  • Wave Creative Studio Photographer, photographing food and packaging

  • Loop Art Studio Manager

  • Artists participating in Toronto’s 2018 Viewfinder Showcase


The Founder of LoveFunART

  • Bachelor's degree from London College of Fashion (BA) Hons Fashion Creative Direction

  • Graduated from Central Saint Martins (MA) Creative Practice and Application

  • Good at fashion management, clothing design, visual communication, academic research and creative thinking


Architectural Design Art Instructor

  • Graduated from Bath University, the UK's top architecture school

  • Architectural Engineer, LHW Engineering Inc., Toronto

  • Beijing GBMAX Construction Engineering and Construction Consultant

  • Good at AutoCAD, Sketchup, 3DMax, Rhino


Animation Art Instructor

  • Graduated from Vancouver Film School

  • Bachelor's degree in 3D animation and digital animation

  • Helped many students obtain admission notices from OCAD, Emily Carr and Vancouver Film School

  • Years of experience in film, television, animation and game industries


Art Communication Art Instructor

  • Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts majoring in Visual Communication

  • Graduated from the Visual Communication School of Design Offenbach, Germany

  • 2014 French design for tomorrow world poster design competition TOP10


Fashion Design Instructor Assistant

  • Founder of independent magazine

  • Specialized in digital media production

  • Specializes in fashion photography and costume filmmaking

  • Working as a costume designer's assistant in New York

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