Pattern Making
Pattern Making
Pattern Making
Pattern Making
Pattern Making
Pattern Making
Pattern Making
Pattern Making

Pattern Making

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  1. 如何测量人体

  2. 紧身上衣版式

  3. 袖筒版式

  4. 裙子版式

  5. 连衣裙版式

  6. 裤子版式

  7. 如何使用缝纫机

  8. 制作一件衣服


  1. Paper

  2. Triangle ruler

  3. French ruler

  4. 1 yard ruler

  5. Measuring tape

  6. Pencil

  7. Eraser Paper scissors

  8. Cotton

From pattern making to tailoring, LoveFunART's Fashion Design-Pattern Tracing course helps you get knowledge of basic human figure proportion, apparel technology size standards and style designing. This course is an excellent choice for whom ready to attend fashion design in Universities and/or love the sense of handmade clothing!

We will teach you real garment production process and it's essential method through a mentality of creating your own clothing brand starting from zero experience.

For People who:

Love paintings,
Portfolio Preparation for Art School
Career promotion opportunity
Fashion and Creation

Course Highlights:

Easy to learn: Quick start from how to measure your body.
Solid foundation: Get solid foundation for design with the knowledge in garment making process and creative method.
Once and for all: Finish fixed pattern, you could make more garments through one pattern.



You will choose one or two patterns to learn during the 10 sessions courses, please be advise that you can not learn all the patterns in 10 sessions classes.

  • Introduction
  • Taking measurements
  • Basic bodice pattern
  • Basic sleeve pattern
  • Basic skirt pattern
  • Basic dress pattern
  • Basic pant pattern
  • Study all symbols
  • Do the basic bodice pattern for the other person
  • Practice taking measurements to another person
  • Do the basic sleeve pattern for the other person
  • Do the basic dress pattern for the other person
  • Do the basic pant pattern for the other person

Materials Required

  • Paper
  • Triangle ruler
  • French ruler
  • 1 yard ruler
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Eraser Paper scissors
  • Cotton

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