3D Draping
3D Draping
3D Draping
3D Draping
3D Draping
3D Draping
3D Draping
3D Draping
3D Draping
3D Draping

3D Draping

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Class schedule: Every Saturday 10:00am-12:30pm
(More schedules are available)

Address: 5635 Yonge St. Unit 202, North York  

3D Draping is a technology that directly uses fabrics to make clothing on mannequins or human bodies. It does not require complex calculation processes such as patterning and cloth cutting, and does not have high requirements for students.
The design scheme can be presented with a direct clothing effect.

It’s unbelievable, right? It takes many years to achieve that level, it ONLY takes less than 20 hours, then LoveFunART students will reach that level! (don’t forget homework though !)

This is the magic that LoveFunART can make it.We only  teach you the essentials, then you will figure out all the whole from the part! (homework is required as a part of the course! And you can use our fashion studio to finish your homework!)

As we all know that Practice makes perfect.(Effective progress comes from regular practice, including small projects which trainees are not skillful but required), but not skills you are already perfect!

The method of learning is something more important than the  time you spend on it with less skills.


  • Love handwork
  • Portfolio Preparation for Fashion Design or Fashion Management Major
  • Career promotion opportunity
  • Fashion and Creation

Course highlights:

Easy to learn: 2.5 hours only per week, you can understand better of the relationship of 3D draping and pattern making. Find out how to learn creative draping and its role in the creation of clothing design collections.

Unlimited Studio Using Time-During 5 weeks of 3D Draping course, you can use fashion studio at anytime for free.

Contents of the course:

Part 1 -

  • Basic draping tops
  • Basic draping shirt
  • Basic draping suit

Part 2 -

  • 3D Draping Ideas
  • Choose the one you want to make
  • 3D Draping and Fitting