Mastering Marker Sketch
Mastering Marker Sketch
Mastering Marker Sketch
Mastering Marker Sketch
Mastering Marker Sketch

Mastering Marker Sketch

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"Mastering Marker Sketch: Design Essentials" is a comprehensive course designed to teach you the fundamentals of marker drawing, with a special focus on furniture, car, and interior designs. Whether you are an aspiring designer, an artist looking to expand your skills, or a hobbyist interested in exploring new mediums, this course offers valuable insights into the world of marker art.

Art students and aspiring artists looking to create an outstanding portfolio for art school applications.
Professionals seeking to enhance their career prospects through advanced design skills.
Individuals interested in acquiring new artistic skills for personal or professional growth.
Creative minds desire to translate and express their ideas visually more effectively.
A lover of exploring and experimenting with self-expression through art.

Course structure:

Each class is 2.5hr. Homework will be assigned at the end of each class, and will be taken up at the beginning of the class after.

1.Introduction to Marker Art: Tools and Techniques.
2.Drawing Furniture: From Concept to Completion.
3.Automotive Art: Capturing Speed and Style.
4.Interior Design Sketching: Creating Inviting Spaces.
5.Advanced Techniques: Shading, Texturing, and Detailing.
Final Project: Bringing It All Together.

Course Highlights:
1.Master Practical Techniques: Learn basic markup art techniques that will enable you to create professional-grade furniture, automotive, and interior drawings from your first lesson.
2.Comprehensive Skill Development: Gain an in-depth understanding of color theory, shading, and texture to enhance your mark art and prepare you for a variety of artistic endeavors.
3.Blended learning approach: Benefit from a combination of hands-on practice and online resources to ensure a well-rounded educational experience. Interact with peers and faculty in real time through our interactive online community.

Materials Needed:
1. A set of high-quality markers (in a range of colors, including grays and neutrals).
2. Marking paper or heavyweight sketch paper.
3. A fine eyeliner or technical pen for detail.
4. A ruler and a circular template.
5. Eraser and pencil for initial sketch.
6. Colored pencils or crayons (optional for extra textural effect).
If you need a full set of tools, please contact Teacher Suki: 416-829-9657