Dress Making
Dress Making
Dress Making
Dress Making
Dress Making
Dress Making
Dress Making
Dress Making
Dress Making

Dress Making

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Class Schedule:  Please call 416-8299657 to book your class time.

Address: 5635 Yonge St. Unit 202, North York 






1. We will visit fabric market to learn different materials and select the right material for your design

2.To learn how to use sewing machine and mannequin

3. Complete one or two different dress (Pant or Short Pattern)


本课程适合已经对服装设计基本知识有一定了解,或已经在LoveFunART学习过 Fashion Design- Pattern Making 初级课程的学生并通过考试,本课程充满乐趣,你将制作自己设计的服装及配饰。

From pattern making to tailoring, LoveFunART's Fashion Design-Dress and Accessory Making course will bring you a fun and different experience to learn Fashion Design. You will make your own design, such as dress, bag and hat. 
This course is suitable for students who already knew the fundamental knowledge about Fashion Design, or student who has completed the Fashion Design - Pattern Making course at LoveFunART and passed the test. You will have lots of fun from this course because you will make the design that you like and you want to.

我们将教你真正的服装制作过程和核心的方法, 通过创建自己的服装品牌的从0基础开始你的服装设计与制作。

We will teach you real garment making process and it's essential method through a mentality of creating your own clothing brand starting from zero experience.






For People who:

Love Fashion Making,
Portfolio Preparation for Art School
Career promotion opportunity
Fashion and Creation

Course Highlights:

Easy to learn: Quick start from how to measure your body.
Solid foundation: Get solid foundation for design with the knowledge in garment making process and creative method.
Once and for all: Finish fixed pattern, you could make more garments through one pattern.


  • Introduction
  • Taking measurements review
  • Students will choose the designs they want to do during the all course. (max 2 designs per class)
  • Students should bring the basic pattern they did on Pattern Making class in order to work with them on the new patterns.
  • Develop Hat pattern
  • Bag pattern - Jacket od Coat pattern
  • Dress pattern - Pant or Short Pattern
  • Skirt pattern - Top pattern
  • Fabric class Choosing fabrics for the design you are going to sew.
  • Sewing Class.
  • You will sew one design from your design that you chose.

Materials Required

  • Soft Paper
  • Triangle ruler
  • French ruler
  • 1 yard ruler
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Eraser Paper scissors
  • Fabric According your Design