Analytical Sketch Online Class
Analytical Sketch Online Class
Analytical Sketch Online Class
Analytical Sketch Online Class
Analytical Sketch Online Class

Analytical Sketch Online Class

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Class Schedule:  Please call 416-8299657 to book your class time.
Address: 5635 Yonge St, Unit 202, North York


Class Details: 

-10 Lessons Total, Finish all 10 lessons in 6weeks, every class learn 2 lessons.

- 2hr for each class.

- Use Zoom to take class.

-Homework will be assigned after each class.

-No Experience Required.

A formula that will take your sketching skills to the expert level:

Mindset + Techniques + Practice = Success

Suitable for:

Those who need to build a portfolio for art school applications

Those who want to take their career to the next level

Those who want to learn a new skill

Those who want to better express their creative ideas

Those who love to self-experiment

Course highlights:

Instant improvement: grasp the core essentials of sketching immediately and see the world from a different angle

Solid foundation: develop the mindset of sketching that will help you conquer a variety of creative challenges

Fast and convenient: a combination of online and offline learning maximizes learning results; have your questions answered instantly in our Facebook group

Course structure: there will be 10 classes in total; each class is 90 minutes. Homework will be assigned at the end of each class, and will be taken up at the beginning of the class after.

  1. Understanding perspectives: seeing the world
  2. Simple shapes: the core building blocks
  3. Complex shapes: from beginning to end
  4. Industrial design: understanding of sketching principles
  5. Interior design: one point does all
  6. Fashion design: on the human form

Materials Required: 
                    -One set of pencils
                    -Two erasers
                    -One sketch book (14*18 inch)
                    -One sketch board
                    -One pencil sharpener
                    -One clip
                    -One ruler
Don't want to run all over the arts store to get the supplies?
Click here to view our supplies kit! 

*Note: If you miss a class, you can attend make-up classes within a year. 


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