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Good news!

LoveFunArt is now open for Guest Posting!

Please read the instructions and requirements below before submitting a guest post pitch or an article writing sample. Be sure to check the articles on LoveFunArt first before proposing a topic to avoid overlapping!


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What Art-related Topics Do We Want You to Write For us?

The topics should be in the niche of art and art classes.

Sample topics are:

  • Best Portfolio Tips for Art School
  • Where to buy the best art supplies used for painting?
  • Step by Step: Human Body Photography Art
  • What is a Liberal Arts Degree?


Please be sure to pitch a topic or send an article that’s not yet written in our site and on other sites. We want an exclusive article writing sample submission ONLY to LoveFunArt.

Guest post Requirements:

  • Word count: 1200 or more
  • Type of Content: Blog — in-depth article
  • Purpose of the Content: To educate and provide an in-depth  answer about art

NOTE: You’re NOT writing an advertorial, seriously! You’re actually trying to be sincerely helpful by answering searchers’ questions. All articles on our website is to help to build trust when potential customers are the very early stage of the buying cycle.

We will immediately discard your article when it’s not aligned with our purpose. Also, put into mind that you’re trying to provide an easy-to-understand answer.

  • Target Audience: art and painting enthusiasts, mostly Canadian.
  • Style/Tone: Conversational, as if talking to the reader 1-on-1
  • Original and Exclusive: Article has not been published on another site or in LoveFunArt


Please submit your application or suggested articles first to


Label “Guest Posting: Write for Us” as your subject.

We receive a lot of requests, so be sure to follow all the instructions and requirements above for your guest post pitches and article writing samples to be considered.

We will reply to you as soon as possible!