Advanced Architecture
Advanced Architecture
Advanced Architecture
Advanced Architecture
Advanced Architecture
Advanced Architecture
Advanced Architecture
Advanced Architecture
Advanced Architecture

Advanced Architecture

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Class Schedule:  Every Sunday 1:30pm-4:00pm

Address: 5635 Yonge St. Unit 202, North York 

-10 Sessions Total, Finish all 10 sessions in 5 weeks, every class learn 2 sessions.

- 2.5hr for each class.

-Homework will be assigned after each class.

-No Experience Required.







You’ve got to bumble forward into the unknown.” Frank Gehry

“你要在不断犯错误的过程中探索未知” 弗兰克·盖里

If you interested in architecture and 3D design…

If you want to build a foundation for a successful study in architecture…

If you want to understand of the role architects and designers…

Then join us in our Architecture Design fundamental course and open your heart with the power of creation.

Suitable for:

Those who has interest in interior or architecture

Those who has the similar design background

Those who want to understand and refine your technical drawing skills

Those who need to put together a professional architecture design portfolio for an art school application

Those who want to prepare for a variety of careers in the art and design industry.

Those who are full of creative ideas and want to better express them

Course highlight:

Through this advanced Architecture Design course you will learn Advanced

Architecture Design knowledge about Architectural production, especially in

professional practice, is dominated by digital design guided by tools like CAD and

3D rendering. You will learn professional architecture skills and industry standards.

You will be set into realistic design brief to practice your design skills.Through this

process you are introduced to a variety of research methods and issues relevant to

the discipline, which are then directly implemented in the creation of design work.

This course provides an opportunity to explore technical aspects of making and

construction in close detail. You will be learning basic building structures and


Class Details:   

10 session classes, each class will be 150 minutes

Homework will be assigned after each class

Basic architecture design experience required


  • To learn AutoCAD, Sketch Up/Revit to support your design practice
  • You will complete two large scale commercial design projects( Museum/ College/Community Centre)
  • Drafting plans, sections, elevations in 2D software
  • Learn 3D rendering software to enhance your design
  • Have an understanding of architecture structure and building materials
  • Produce a set of digital presentation drawings

Materials Required

  • Sketchbook
  • Scale ruler( Imperial and metric)
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil and Pen
  • Eraser Paper scissors
  • Knife
  • Cutting board
  • Drawing compasses
  • Model making material according your Design
  • Laptop with related software installation

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