Anime Drawing online & in person class
Anime Drawing online & in person class
Anime Drawing online & in person class
Anime Drawing online & in person class
Anime Drawing online & in person class
Anime Drawing online & in person class

Anime Drawing online & in person class

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Class schedule:   Please call 416-8299657 to book your class time.

Address: 5635 Yonge st, unit 202

-10 Lessons Total, Finish all 10 lessons in 5 weeks, every class learn 2 lessons.

- 2.5hr for each class.

-Homework will be assigned after each class.

-No Experience Required.


LoveFunART’s Cartoon courses immersing human body and figure structures, the course will lead you to an advanced level with good understanding of cartoon sketch.

It’s unbelievable, right? It takes many years to achieve that level, it ONLY takes less than 12.5 hours, then LoveFunART students will reach that level! (don’t forget home work though !)

This is the magic that LoveFunART can make it.We only  teach you the essentials, then you will figure out all the whole from the part! (homework is required as a part of the course!)

As we all know that Practice makes perfect. (Effective progress comes from regular practice, including small projects which trainees are not skillful but required), but not skills you are already perfect!

The method of learning is something more important than the  time you spend on it with less skills.

We learn how to really express our thoughts and creativity through the way we are going to learn but the course itself.

This course is structured for students with previous life-drawing experience who want to gain a deeper understanding of body structure as it pertains to figure drawing. The course incorporates elements of anatomy, kinesiology, and drawing practice in order to enhance understanding of the body’s characteristic forms.

Notes: It is recommended that students have taken a course in Introduction to Drawing or have basic drawing skills.


    • Love paintings,
    • Portfolio Preparation for Art School
    • Career promotion opportunity
    • Animation and Illustration
    • Fashion and Creation

Course highlights:

Easy to learn: Figures, 1.5 hours only per week, students can sketch at anytime and anywhere, with a solid fundamental painting skills, you can understand better about figure structures. You will have great skillfulness and knowledges of the essentials not only the shadow of an object.

Convenient to learn-Online and offline learning with group WeChat questions and answers at anytime and anywhere, you will enjoy the time when you are painting.

Learn the techniques and methods to help you draw your favourite cartoons and anime characters, step by step in this exciting class!

In Cartooning class, students will improve their drawing skills and learn the art of storytelling. We’ll learn how to turn real people into cartoon and anime versions of themselves, design popular characters with your own style, and exaggerate expressions and actions. We will look at popular cartoons and anime from around the world, particularly the world of European and American style, and discover thousands of inspiration!

Contents of the course:

Part 1 -

  • Improve drawing skills and understanding what’s under the skin.
  • Learn bones and skeleton. Boney landmarks on model and on oneself
  • Learn superficial muscle groups

Part 2 -

  • Learn surface anatomy and understand what causes bumps, indentations on the model.  (To understand what landmarks are boney and which are muscular.)
  • Methods of conveying body structure
  • Evaluation - understanding the skeleton and muscle groups

Materials Required: 

                    - Ipad with Apple pencil/ drawing pads with computer/ pencil with colour materials