Film and Video editing
Film and Video editing
Film and Video editing
Film and Video editing

Film and Video editing

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Class Schedule:  Please call 416-8299657 to book your class time.
Every  Sunday from 1:30-4:00 PM

Address: 5635 Yonge St, Unit 202, North York

Film Production and Editing

Professional presentation Film and television production is currently one of the most popular majors in the field of new media, with extensive scientific, cultural, and artistic theoretical knowledge. The curriculum is combined with the film and television industry sentiment, and students are professionally educated with modules of photography, splitting, and editing. During the learning process, students will learn about the history of film art development, film and television art styles in different periods, learn about popular software technologies, understand the overall process of film and television, and cooperation between departments.

Major courses including following;

-A brief history of film development
-Montage Development and Movement
-Freeze frame production and post-processing
-Partial drawing -Premiere / Final Cut / Davinci Resolve software learning
-The team independently completed a 2-5 minute short film

-Portfolio packaging Career direction
-Film editing or production in radio, television, advertising, film production companies, etc.
-Personal video production, vlog, instgram, youtuber, etc. Suitable for the crowd
-Zero foundation or interested college of film industry
-Colleges interested in film packaging and editing
-Colleges that want to develop in the film and television industry
-Working staff and students who want to improve their skills

Materials Required: