Interview with Kelvin Zhang (Architecture Student of University College London)

Interview with Kevin Zhang

Kelvin Zhang was a student at Love Fun Art, who is currently enrolled in second year of architecture at University College London, which is the best architecture school in the world. He visited Love Fun Art, and shared with teachers and students one of his portfolio project in first year and his experiences at school. Moreover, he gave some advice for Love Fun Art students, who are preparing for portfolio. 

Note: Love Fun Art will be representing the staffs and students in the interview section


Preparation of Portfolio for Architecture Experiences

During grade 11, he was inspired by an architect from a school guest talk. Since then, he grew interested in architecture. Then started to take classes that are related to architecture and practiced in his own time. Although he was skilled in art, yet he did not know how to build a professional portfolio. However, he took the portfolio preparation class at Love Fun Art, and also learned more techniques in drawing. Unexpectedly, he did not just build his portfolio, but also developed researching and planning idea skills. “I got a lot of help from you (Love Fun Art) ” he said. 

by Kevin Zhang

Love Fun Art: How did you feel when you got the offer from University College London?

Kelvin: I was indeed happy that my hard work got a great result. Even though my friend who applied with me did not get it. I shared this great news with my family and friends right away. 

Love Fun Art: Before getting the offer, did you have the thought of not getting in?

Kelvin: Of course, but I would try to not think negatively, and kept working hard instead. 

Love Fun Art: Have you ever feel tired while preparing your portfolio? How did you manage to keep on working?

Kelvin: As thought it was stressful and tiring, but architecture was my interest, it was my dream to get in to University College London, and that is my motivation.

First Year of Architecture at University College London 

He shared one of his best projects that he did in first year. It was about a design of architecture of a tattoo shop. He presented us with his research and inspiration, from a simple poll to marine style. This skill was developed from Love Fun Art. 

by Kevin Zhang

Love Fun Art: Your researching method is similar to what we did while building your portfolio, but more detailed. Was this habit from then?

Kelvin: Yes it was. I found this method truly helpful, because I have enough research to support my idea. Hence, my professor will let me do what I want. Unlike other students, they had a good idea but not enough reasons and research to support it. Indeed, the professor did not approve and suggested them to do something that they were not interested in. 

Love Fun Art: This is a lot of work for one project. I was wondering if you ever got stuck and did not have any imagination, or lost in the research? How do you overcome that moment?

Kelvin: I do have moments when I do not have any imagination, and I just kept thinking and did more research until I found my answer. Also, I realized that chatting with friends and classmates from my program really helped a lot, because they can inspire me and gave the answer while chatting.

by Kevin Zhang

Love Fun Art: What is the most important thing to have for students who wants to apply for architecture at University College London?

Kelvin: Drawing skills, you really need a strong skill in drawing to design the architecture, and a unique style. My school has a lot of weird people, but their uniqueness made them stand out from the other.

Love Fun Art: Did you have any breakthrough during your first year?

Kelvin: At the first semester I was not that motivated. Around Christmas, my professor told me that I was falling the course, and once I fail I would be kicked out of school. Therefore, I started to work hard, I would go to school from 8 am to 10pm, which is when the school closed. I would work even during long weekends and events. Then I passed.

Love Fun Art: Do you think you learned a lot from this year?

Kelvin: Yes. But I think I could have done better. I regret that I did not work hard enough in my first semester. 

Love Fun Art: What would you suggest for the students who are currently preparing their portfolio?

Kelvin: Keep practicing, do a lot of research, and try to learn as much technique as you can. If you find the process boring, then you can find a method to make it fun. For instance, I went on a trip to Japan with my friend, who is in the same program as me, and we sketched all the architectures that we found it interesting. This is way, it was less stressful and repeating. It can also be an excuse to travel!

by Kelvin Zhang

Love Fun Art: What is your plan for your second year?

Kelvin: I will definitely work harder. After seeing all of my finished work, I realized how much I am capable of, and I felt accomplished and closer to my dream. 

Thanks to Kelvin Zhang for this interview!