Top 5 Architecture Schools In Canada


Industrial design is the detailed process of design for manufacturing object or furniture, or any product. This is a program or job, is usually for artist who loves challenging the combination of art and functionality. Moreover, industrial design also has another section that is more about designing in fashion and accessory. Professional architects, are required not just knowing skills about architecture, but also interior design, furniture design, industrial design ...etc. It is a profession that requires a very comprehensive ability. 

Relatable jobs that you can work as an architecture:

  • Restoration Architect
  • Research Architect
  • Lighting Architect
  • Landscape Architect
  • Extreme Architect
  • Political Architect
  • Urban Planner

The University of British Columbia (UBC)

Bachelor of Design in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urbanism program at UBC:

This is a 4 year program, where you will learn more than just architecture design, so you will have a wide scale in designing skill, that will prepare you for a number of possible futures. Your design skills will allow you to impact the society and environment, and how any details could affect cultural changes. Although, this program won’t give you a professional degree, yet you strong foundation in critical thinking and the practical skills necessary to create environment.

by Dylan Maeers


Preparing Portfolio for Bachelor of Design in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urbanism at UBC:

Note: UBC does not require any artwork for the portfolio, yet there is an online creative test, where they will assign you 3 short design projects. 

  • Resume (1 to 2 pages)
  • Video interview (answer the given questions)

For the admission requirements for Bachelor of Design in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urbanism in UBC please visit:

Benefits at UBC:

  • Peaceful location
  • Convenient transportation
  • Small studios, intimate seminars, and personalized learning space
  • Including design build and study abroad opportunity
  • Beautiful campus

Reviews of UBC:

One of the peaceful location

Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again.____My Own Channel by Nitish Tyagi

Lots of food outlets, some great places to sit, a fantastic library and it’s a great campus to walk around. The little Earth Science museum is free. Not to mention the fact you can get a decent education here too.____Helen Darbyshire

One of the country's leading universities for a reason. Leading academics, top sports teams, and world class faculty. Known for its business and law there are so many other faculties that deliver world class professionals. UBC's social work programme is considered the best in the country and their med-school ranks amongst the country's best. It's a bit isolated living on Campus but there are great bus routes into downtown Vancouver and it's close to the life in Kits and Jericho.____Richard Loat

University of Waterloo

Architecture at the University of Waterloo:

The architecture program at the University of Waterloo is rated one of the best schools in North America. In this program you will learn every technique in architecture, the materials of buildings, social context, cultural history...etc. You will be provided with your own working place in the studio, for you to learn the pre-professional skills and critical thinking. 

by Sheida Shahi

Preparing Portfolio for Architecture at the University of Waterloo:

Note: They aren’t too specific with the portfolio requirements, just anything that could show your strength and skills in architecture. But you have to be ready to answer any questions that they would ask about your work. This could include:

  • Drawings or paintings of any subject
  • Mixed media and conceptual work
  • Examples of 3-dimensional works
  • Craft and design work such as ceramics, jewelry, metal work or furniture
  • Digital media work such as graphic design or animation
  • Photography or video work
  • Performance work such as dance and music, either recorded or performed live 
  • Sketchbook

For the admission requirements for Architecture University of Waterloo please visit:

Benefits at the University of Waterloo:

  • Gain 2 years of experience in the co-op program
  • Engineering school in Canada (US News & World Report 2018)
  • high percentage of Co-op employment rate
  • Earn a Bachelor of Architectural Studies degree
  • Own study space

Reviews at the University of Waterloo:

Love this university. It has such a beautiful campus. Many of the professors are fantastic. Wish there was a few more resources offered to the Arts as the focus has been on Engineering. There are two gyms (one of which is used for convocation) that include a swimming pool and skating rink, two big libraries, many parking lots, at least 5 Tim Hortons', and countless geese. There is always something going on here and the atmosphere is great for learning and innovation. Often see the president walking through campus and there are always new buildings or other additions popping up throughout campus as it eternally seems to expand! Lots of places to park but it can get quite busy if there are many events going on. Gets a little quieter during the summer as less students are enrolled for the spring term. Many residence options for first years, upper years, grad students, and even families. Though it is a large campus everything is in walking distance and it is like its own little village.____Marta Borowska

Every knowledge of Uwaterloo that I have came from my son who is crazy about the school and its environment. If he is blessed with an admission offer to the faculty of engineering, I will take my time to actually, savor first hand the beauty and glory that is regarded as Uwaterloo.____alice isah

Top notch inclusive University at the forefront of science education and research with wide open doors for community participation, education and outreach. Public events / seminars give the opportunity to stay up to date with the latest research in quantum physics, nanotechnology, computer science, math, biology, engineering, etc. The student coop program facilities getting insights into real life economy experiences.____Gheorghe Curelet-Balan


University of Toronto

Architecture at the University of Toronto:

If you study in this program at the University of Toronto, you will learn the basic technique and have the basic knowledge that will help you in any jobs that are related to architecture. Compare to other schools, University of Toronto is more academicization, the hands-on. Also, you won’t have many connections in the professional field. You will be doing more research in architecture, then designing. Only in the second year you will have some design course.

by Yiyao Wang, Zhengbang Wang, Erin Joelle, Jun Tan, and Adam Krajewski

Preparing Portfolio for Architecture at the University of Toronto:

Note: There isn’t a number of how many work you should submit, but they suggest to fill up a portfolio package. Here are some things that you should include:

  • A title page and design statement including your interests, abilities, and direction in design (optional)
  • A resume and cover letter (optional);
  • Art / architecture / design studio course work;
  • A selection of projects taken from previous or summer employment;
  • Computer-aided design, drawing, animation/video stills;
  • CAD/construction and technical documents;
  • Coursework, if work was award-winning or highly specialized;
  • Original drawing and sketches.

For the admission requirements for Architecture University of Toronto please visit:

Benefits at the University of Toronto:

  • Connection opportunities
  • Located in a big city downtown
  • Convenient transportation
  • Multicultural
  • Good reputation

Reviews at the University of Toronto:

Great campus, amazing clubs, excellent gym, good food and surrounding area, amazing profs, interesting courses, amazing people and good reputation. I would highly recommend this school to others.____Azuli I

U of T will give you the true university experience.. with lots of history, lots of hard work, and lots and lots of ways to have fun when you aren't studying. If you say you don't feel connected to the campus you haven't looked around because the range of student activities offered is actually astounding, whether it's through the colleges, through the Office of Student Life, or through student-led clubs all over campus. Never have I had more fun than when I was here, and never will I learn more about what it means to be a thinking human being in the 21st century than I did when I was here.____Lynette P

The Harvard of Canada! UofT began in 1828, and consists of 4 old campuses & 3 new campuses, 7 universities that merged together over a period of 189 years! The older campuses are jaw dropping, with dining halls that resemble Harry Potter's, with long stone arch hallways, and gothic architecture everywhere. Incredible!!!! Trinity campus has a weekly Wednesday high top dinner where students and professors wear black cloaks, a tradition that had been running for over 100 years! How cool is that? Margaret Atwood who wrote the popular Handmaids Tale, attended Victoria college at UofT, so did Lester B Pearson (Canadian Prime Minister), Lorne Michaels (Saturday Night Live) and Donald Sutherland. UofT in center city Toronto is one of 3 campuses, the other two are in Mississauga and Scarborough.____Patricia H


Ryerson University

Architecture Science at Ryerson University:

After graduation from this program at the University of Toronto, you will have excellence in all aspects of planning, designing, building to transform our world into a beautiful yet also functionable place. The lab in the architecture services all of the undergrad and masters students. Hence most of the equipment is free. You will learn the process of start to finish. Although Ryerson’s architecture does not have a long history compared to other schools, but in a shorter time, it has established a good reputation for itself in the international. Beside learning architecture design, you will learn the skills, history and some business knowledge, so students who wish to start their own business could have this ability. You may take co-op in the fifth year.

by Ruslan Ivanytskyy

Preparing Portfolio for Architecture Science at Ryerson University:

Note: If you live within a 400 kilometre radius of Ryerson University, you have to attend the evaluation session. If not then you may apply on their long distance applicant procedure. Again, there isn’t a number of pieces that you should submit, but you have to show your strength and skills. 

  • No larger than 32”x28”
  • Photograph for 3 dimensional works
  • Organize
  • Must be original

For the admission requirements for Architecture Science at Ryerson University please visit:

Benefits At Ryerson University:

  • Located in big city downtown 
  • Convenient transportation
  • Multicultural
  • Co-op option
  • Free lab, and many fee equipments

Reviews at Ryerson University: 

I’m in LOVE with this school! Hands down the best university in the country! Education quality is excellent, the professors are excellent, the student experience is excellent, and the location is excellent. Ryerson is the heartbeat of Toronto. The level of knowledge you come out with is outstanding compared to counterparts from other institutions. Since graduating I was able to accomplish far more in my career than I ever expected in a short period of time. My program coordinator was seriously a God send and my professors were the most amazing people. They’re definitely very critical with their grading, but as long as you’re a diligent and passionate student you’ll do very well. This school really cares about their students and I can’t say enough about them. I’m always so proud to say that I’m Ryerson alumni!!!____Nakasha Ogbonna

Ryerson University is without a doubt of the best universities from Toronto if not #1. I am not a student (yet, I hope I get accepted in the next few weeks) from this University, but I´ve visited its campus and facilities. The staff from the University is exceptionally well trained to treat guests. The tours around campus are usually carried out by 3rd or 4th year students. Even so, they are so well prepared to show every detail of the university around. Besides of their training, the staff is enormously kind. One of the professors from the Image Arts Building took part of his personal time to show me around the place. I have to say, the Image Arts Building took my breath. The facility is already quite a sight from outside. Within, it´s much larger than expected. Not to mention that it is incredibly well equipped! It has everything required to offer the best for Film and Photography students. The Media and Engineering facilities I visited also seemed very well equipped. Ryerson is best known from its incredible sport varsity teams, the Ryerson Rams. The University offers these athletes the highest quality of facilities and coaching for them to prepare. I personally visited the Mattamy Athletic Centre which has volleyball and basketball courts and an Ice rink!!! It was really mind blowing.____Dani Sadun

I love coming to this school. It's nice to have all the buildings pretty close to each other, and it's nice to have so many stores nearby. I love the campus atmosphere.____Heather Scott


McGill University

Post- Professional Architecture at McGill University:

You will have to take this course in order to apply for the architecture program. Yet you will still get bachelor of architecture degree. However, in this course you will know all the skill and technique for learning more complex things in the professional architecture program. Also, you will have opportunities to work as a team with other students and staff. After graduation, you will not just have the basic skills and knowledge, but also critical thinking that will help you grow in the future.

by Katherine Lee

Preparing Portfolio for Post- Professional Architecture at McGill University:

Note: The portfolio application must be submitted through the mail to Enrolment Services. All works must include a detailed list of the contents, indicating the size and medium.

  • Good quality photocopies or photographs of your original work, representing your creative and design skills
  • Must be in 8-1/2" x 11" or A4 format, bound (maximum 1" thick), and submitted in an envelope marked "ARCHITECTURE PORTFOLIO".
  • Do not submit originals, rolled work, photographic slides, audio or video tapes, CDs or DVDs, or work in plastic sleeves.

For the admission requirements for Post-Professional Architecture at McGill University please visit: 

Benefits At McGill University:

  • Free admission for school museum
  • Great facilities
  • Professional professors
  • Friendly environments
  • Beautiful campus

Reviews at McGill University: 

I came here as an exchange student and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I enjoyed having class with local and more international students. McGill is a very competitive university not only in Canada, but it’s considered as one of the top 50 universities worldwide.____Alejandro Treviño

Very strong university. The philosophy department offers a great selection of classes with outstanding professors. The campus is beautiful, especially in the summer time. A really photogenic place! Most of the buildings are nice, with good restaurants and clubs throughout the campus. There’s a social aspect of McGill that is as compelling as the education.____Doug Campbell

Great University with a lot of diversity. I had a great experience and I learned a lot from amazing professors with outstanding backgrounds with a lot of accomplishment and résumés. Proud to say that this university deserves his great reputation. A lot of services offered if help is needed. Students from all over the world come here to study. Getting a degree from this university means open door for success for most of the alumni. Overall, I received a great education in this top-rated Canadian University!!____Sarhagine Deslouches