Top 5 Filmmaking Schools in Canada


Nowadays videos/films are very popular entertainment  in the society. A film include many skills and process: story, idea, or commission, through screenwriting, casting, shooting, sound recording and pre-production, editing, and screening. However, this is a program that suits those with strong storytelling skills.

Relatable jobs that you can work as a filmmaker:

  • Director
  • Producer
  • Camera Operator
  • Production Manager
  • Sound Designer
  • Post Production Supervisor
  • Data Management Technician (DMT)
  • Location Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Visual Effects Supervisor



Ryerson University

Filmmaking at Ryerson University:

This is a 4 years program where you will be able to try out different field in filmmaking such as writing, directing, producing, cinematography, sound, art direction and editing. Internship program is also included in this major. At the end of this semester you will have a strong visual and storytelling skills. 

Preparing Portfolio for filmmaker at Ryerson University:

Note: Must be your own work, if sound included, make sure that it is non copyrighted.

  • Choose one of the following way to related to the theme that Ryerson provides:

          -Slideshow: 6 samples: photograph, drawing, painting, computer-generated prints, photo of sculpture, or other artworks (if it’s a video, max 30 sec)

          -Short film/video: around 90 seconds, include 3 sample shots, must be uploaded on Vimeo privately, password FILM2020

  • Maximum 500 words of the project outline
  • Written statement (max 500words):
          -What single film has most influenced you? Why?
          -What character in literature or film has most profoundly moved you? Why?
          -What specifically non-American, non-mainstream movie has expanded your notion of what cinema can be and now?
    • Resume

    For the admission requirements for Filmmaker at Ryerson University please visit:

    Benefits at Ryerson University:

    • Campus is in downtown
    • Ryerson has their own outdoor skating rink
    • The library is one of the coolest in Ontario
    • Friendly and cozy environment
    • School Clubs

    Review of Ryerson University:

    I’m in LOVE with this school! Hands down the best university in the country! Education quality is excellent, the professors are excellent, the student experience is excellent, and the location is excellent. Ryerson is the heartbeat of Toronto. The level of knowledge you come out with is outstanding compared to counterparts from other institutions. Since graduating I was able to accomplish far more in my career than I ever expected in a short period of time. My program coordinator was seriously a God send and my professors were the most amazing people. They’re definitely very critical with their grading, but as long as you’re a diligent and passionate student you’ll do very well. This school really cares about their students and I can’t say enough about them. I’m always so proud to say that I’m Ryerson alumni!!!____Nakasha Ogbonna

    is always common in all universities, but the environment is entertaining, relaxing, and chilling. It can keep you happy 24/7, have all the luxury you need next to Dundas-Square, and never miss an exciting event near downtown, such as, pride parade, new years event, concerts, etc.____Faizyungsavv

    I studied film and photography at Ryerson over 30 years ago and psychology later. While it's a big institution and I sometimes felt insignificant when dealing with administration, I have met many great people, both professors and fellow students. Many of these people I remain friends with to this day. I'm taking a course on the Psychology of Personality in the spring as part of my commitment to lifelong learning and am looking forward to it. Great School!____Peter MacNeil



    Toronto Film School 

    Filmmaking at Toronto Film School:

    This program is a short 18 months with 6 terms, where you will learn all the behind the scenes in film. More specifically, the pre-production, production and post production of popular movies such as Beauty and the Beast, Black Panther, The Shape of Water and Star Trek Beyond...etc. After graduation, the school provides work placement program at Canada’s Hollywood North.

    Preparing Portfolio for filmmaker at Toronto Film School:

    Note: the movie critique will not be returned.

    • Movie Critique (300-500 words): choose any film, then write your thoughts about the elements in the film such as acting, lighting, editing, effects...etc. Basically showing your level of awareness for what makes a film work (or not).
    • Storyboard: must include an original visual of what the scene might look like. May include dialogue and direction.

    For the admission requirements for Filmmaker at Toronto Film School please visit:

    Benefits at Toronto Film School:

    • Located in downtown
    • internship/work placement program
    • Convenient transportation
    • Small class size

    Review of Toronto Film School:

    I would not be where I am in my career without the Toronto Film School. From the physical skills that I learnt through to the support of the staff and administration team, I went from never having held a camera to making an award-winning short film that has helped to launch my career within the film and television Industry.___Darcy Love

    I wasn't planning on going back to school, but when I came across TFS it felt like something I just had to do. I moved to Toronto to take the Fashion Marketing program and coming here is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I love the sizes of classes and how you really get to know your instructors. I was nervous for certain courses like buying because math was never my strongest subject, but I excelled in the program because of my instructors. Every course touches on different careers of the industry. I loved being able to succeed in a program that brought out my strengths and passion.___Luna Lindsay

    This was one of the best decisions of my life. I started working in the industry while I was doing my course. I loved every bit of my days in TFS.___Reeth Mazumder



    Sheridan College

    Filmmaking at Sheridan College:

    For the first 2 years you will be focusing on lecturer courses, understanding the behind the scene to create a film. The other 2 years will be more hands on, and at the end of the year you will have the chance to create your own film, tv show, transmedia project...etc. You will also have the opportunity to build a relationship with the industry, and 14 weeks of work placement. 

    Preparing Portfolio for filmmaker at Sheridan College:

    • At least 2 minutes of film on Vimeo, can be: live action, documentary, animation, experimental, narrative, non-narrative...etc.

    For the admission requirements for Filmmaker at Sheridan College please visit:

    Benefits at Sheridan College:

    • Safe environment
    • High happiness learning at school
    • Decent reputation
    • Decent amount of opportunity after graduated
    • Decent facility

    Review of Sheridan College:

    The sound system is the best compare with U of Calgary concert hall. You'll enjoy the whole performance without any feedback noise. Parking lots are outside and inside. Audience can take a bus.___Phen Kwok

    I love MRU and I’m so glad I went here. As someone who learns better by doing it was really great how hands on my degree was. Shout out to the entire journalism faculty for being my second family for four years! If I had to do it again I would in a heartbeat.___April Lamb

    Best years of my life.  Started in brand new Faculty of Science in fall of 2008 and loved every day I was there.  I graduated in 2015 and have missed MRU and my professors so much! My mom passed away at the end of a semester in 2010 and the registrar's office and my professors were very understanding and compassionate when I had to withdraw with cause just before finals. I was given the opportunity to write a final exam two months later and I repeated my courses the following semester. In 2014 I was quite ill and was easily able to communicate with the profs and arrange for alternate exam dates.  They were all very kind and accommodating. Loved the small campus and class sizes, got to know the instructors very well, and they would always remember my name even years after I was in their class! I made good use of the U-Pass and never had to pay for parking, haha! Great school, so many fond memories, definitely check it out. Faculty is top notch!___Pam Zylik


    George Brown College

    Filmmaking at George Brown College:

    In a short 2 years in this program, you will be able to use most technical equipment that will be used in filmmaking. Also having the knowledge and skill in sound track making. At the end of the program, you will be capable of making your own film, and working as a team with other peers. 

    Preparing Portfolio for filmmaker at George Brown College:

    • Short film, trailer or demo reel

    For the admission requirements for Filmmaker at George Brown College please visit:

    Benefits at George Brown College:

    • Good reputation 
    • Skilled and professional professors
    • Near downtown
    • Delicious foods from the sales and marketing team

    Review of George Brown College:

    Because the School of Media offers so many different programs, we have the opportunity to collaborate with one another. Working with the acting students has been really eye-opening. You create stories and you create characters but it’s not until you actually go to filming that you have the actors bring the characters to a different place___Dave Nguyen

    I have had a wonderful experience with George Brown College. The faculty, management and the instructors have always stepped up and helped me out in every possible way. The video production course has been very informative and my knowledge base has really grown with

    GBC. Their approach towards teaching is modern and they provide hands on experience on the latest equipment. I would definitely recommend GBC as a place of knowledge and growth.___Swati Goyal 



    York University

    Filmmaking at York University:

    First year will be focusing on the education of filmmaking, then slowly having some hands on classes. You have the option to choose to study full time or part time, and will lead you to have a full range of skills and knowledge in film. 

    Preparing Portfolio for filmmaker at York University:

    Note: an interview is required. 

    • A concept proposal for a documentary or fiction film
             -250 words max 
      • Description of 1 recent creative project that you were centrally involved in (250words)
      • 5 minute video on Vimeo privately, password: AMPD201
      • Description of the video (250 words)

      For the admission requirements for Filmmaker at York University please visit:

      Benefits at York University:

      • Huge Campus
      • Small classes
      • Study spaces and labs
      • Friendly and comfortable environment

      Review of York University:

      York University is a world class institution where great minds meet great professors and great students, it's a school with multiple programs for undergraduate, graduate and PhD with experience professors, adequate equipment, research laboratories and serene environment for learning.___Alie

      It is Canada's third-largest university. York University was established in 1959 as a non-denominational institution by the York University Act. York University Film Department houses Canada's oldest film school [9] and has been ranked one of the best in Canada.___Beautiful Universe

      Spent 4 amazing years here (graduated in 2010). I love this place with all my heart. Worked as a call-centre agent back in the day for the institution and it was fun. I have memories of superb times with friends I made and enriching educational experiences with some of the professors. I admire York University and recommend others to study there.___Qurrah Choudhry