Top 5 Graphic Design Schools in the US and UK


Graphic Design is a language that communicates with others through typography, photography, and illustration. You can often see it on commercials, products, brands, websites, infographics to magazines and other publication materials. In fact, over the years, graphic design has become one of the most popular programs in art and design faculty, and here is a list of the top schools in the United State and United Kingdom.

Relatable jobs that you can work as an architecture:

  • Graphic designer
  • Web designer
  • In-house designer for corporations
  • Advertising art director
  • Interactive designer
  • Graphic design studios and communications firms
  • Cultural and public institutions
  • Journalism and broadcast media
  • Entrepreneurial initiatives

Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)

Graphic Design at the Maryland Institute College of Arts:

Studying this program you will be learning the knowledge of graphic design. You will actually start developing your skills in second year. You will have 50 classes per semester that focus on your major, including 10–15 electives to support your career, skill, and creativity. 

by Alec Cerminaro

Preparing Portfolio for Graphic Design at the Maryland Institute College of Art:

Note: You could submit your portfolio on the school national portfolio day. Or through slideroom.

  •   12-20 of your recent work

            -Work from your imagination would be perfect
            -Use different media to show your skills

For the admission requirements for Graphic Design at the Maryland Institute College of Art please visit:

Benefits at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA):

  • Good reputation
  • Friendly environment
  • Opportunities after graduating
  • Convenient transportation
  • Good facilities

 Review of the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA):

I am a student here and my experience has been noting but positive! There is so much opportunity and support, and there is a definite sense of community. The course work is hard as all get out, but a school doesn't become one off the top art schools in the nation for being easy. I am honored to call MICA my school and my home.____Charlie Caraher

MICA is an fantastic place to be at! One of the nation's top art schools and it is home to many majors that any artist or designer would love. The courses are hardcore and very informative and the professors and absolutely amazing! I am proud to call mica my home!____Harry Trinh

Forever grateful having the opportunity to live and learn with a thriving artist community for what now feels like a short period of time. I regularly wish I could "re-do art school", and miss the unique neighborhoods that MICA has developed. There is truly no place like it.____Camellia Termini

University of Leeds

Graphic Design at the University of Leeds:

The full name of this course is “Graphic and Communication Design”, it is a three years program that will give you a Bachelor of Arts degree. During your first year you will build the foundation of graphic design. As for your second year, will be focus on the communication marketing of graphic design. At last, you will have to take some advanced courses in graphic design, then have a chance to choose to elective course to help in your practice field, and working on your thesis. 

by James Keefe

Preparing Portfolio for Graphic Design at the University of Leeds:

There isn’t any portfolio requirements for this program. 

For the admission requirements for Graphic Design at the University of Leeds please visit:

Benefits at the University of Leeds:

  • Many shops 
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Great facilities
  • Fast internet speed
  • Good reputation 

Review of University of Leeds:

This Uni has a lot to offer like good library, excellent education and especially a great environment. They have got many different societies. A good club for gigs and wont forget Stylus, pulse and mine clubs.____Vivek

I particularly like the fact that ,at least when I was there, the lecturers were academics and gentlemen rather than businessmen.  I know that sounds old fashioned, but even then other universities had decided to go full hog and chase the cash. Whereas at Leeds, the Dean of Biological Sciences, would stop mid stride if he was about to pass you on campus and ask you how you were.  And was everything going alright. I loved my department. It's building now been given to the Arts Dept. Lucky devils. :-) Don't think my subject exists anymore.____DDD OB

I studied at the University of Leeds as an exchange student from the USA and was so inspired by my time there that I transferred to study at Leeds full-time.  As a student in the School of Chemistry, the facilities, faculty, and curriculum I have access to are wonderful, and I have received an unprecedented level of support from my professors when expressing confusion about a subject or a desire to meet with them outside of lectures. The city of Leeds is ideal for students -- small enough to be easily accessible, and large enough to contain everything you could possibly need.  Downtown offers a great assortment of pubs, bars, shops, events, and restaurants; and the universities offer an entirely separate set of activities that are equally as interesting and enjoyable. Thanks to the Leeds Student Union, student life at Leeds is packed with societies, events, and social opportunities. The people I have met at Leeds have all been friendly, compelling, active, and welcoming. I can't recommend the University of Leeds highly enough.____David

Edinburgh College of Art

Graphic Design at Edinburgh College of Art:

Edinburgh College encourage students to go over their limit, and use their creativity in graphic design. Hence,the classes subject are wide, they aren’t just focusing on graphic design, but also some skills that might inspired you, such as silkscreen prints, gravure printing, calligraphy, staples, painting and digital technology...etc. The program also provides opportunities for students to participate in commercial design activities and visit the factory in their field. 

by Red Dog Music

Preparing Portfolio for Graphic Design at Edinburgh College of Art:

  • 10 sketches
  • 10 works

          -With any medium
          -100 words of description for each 
          -At least 5 works that shows what inspired you

For the admission requirements for Graphic Design at Edinburgh College of Art please visit:

Benefits at Edinburgh College of Art:

  • Beautiful buildings
  • Fast internet
  • Friendly environment
  • Good reputation
  • Decent facilities

Review of Edinburgh College of Art:

The Edinburgh College of art offers a wide range of courses including those in the centre for open learning department. I`ve done various courses at the ECA, and have learned so much from excellent tutors such as Christine Frew. The facilities in the art departments are excellent, the rooms are generally spacious, and an added bonus is students who sign up for courses  via the centre for open learning can also sit credit exams which can contribute to them gaining entry to full time courses at the art college. A truly inspirational art college offering diverse courses for people aged 16 years old to 100 years plus!___Dot Tritschler

Such a great place. Love visiting the degree show each year. The studios are amazing with fantastic views of the castle! Would thoroughly recommend a trip to the degree show or just a chance to wander round the lovely building.____Megan McGregor

Great artists and designers are formed here, don't miss the degree shows in late may and summer each year.____ Mariela Barzallo

Rhode Island School of Design

Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design:

Rhode Island School is a private school located in United State. It is a 4 year program where you will learn the principles of design, theories of communication and strategies for problem solving. Then using these skills to create your own style of design in an aesthetic way.

by Danielle Moalem

Preparing Portfolio for Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design:

Note: application is through SlideRoom.

  • 12–20 examples of your recent work

         -Use different media to show your skills
         -Some sketch and research of some of your finished piece would be          preferred

         -Writing sample (maximum 650 words)

For the admission requirements for Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design please visit:

Benefits at Rhode Island School of Design:

  • More classes, more opportunities
  • Long breaks
  • Friday off (usually)
  • Very diverse
  • Friendly professors

Reviews at Rhode Island School of Design:

Not gonna lie to you, RISD is a really expensive place to pursue an education, but it pays off. You'll meet a lot of people who are more talented than you are and you can't help but learn from them, befriend them, and grow a network of lifelong friends and connections. The professors are usually great, often inspiring, and always knowledgeable. If you're going here, art and design should absolutely be your emphasis, but you'll also have ample opportunity to round out your education with RISD liberal arts and a massive selection of Brown classes. It's also worth noting that the RISD name has a lot of pull in the job market, and alumni connections are considerable. Opportunities for internships and full time work are everywhere, particularly for design majors. I can't personally speak to RISD's fine arts connections, but I believe they are similarly strong.____Timothy P

A wonderful art school for people looking to study art, but for yelpers there is a wonderful art museum open to the public. In addition, if you are in the area, some of their dining hall cafes are open to the public and trust me their food is not your average dining hall food its actually a high quality a food and not all that expensive.____Annamarie T

Okay, so this review could be miles long, but I will sum it up as briefly as possible: 1. The best art school in the country.  Because of its exemplary museum, setting, faculty, students, programmes and culture. It isn't difficult to be amazed at the work of the people associated with RISD. 2. You gotta be ready for it to really get the most out of it.  There are rules and there are expectations, but you can and should do your own thing while learning wherever you can, and you will be rewarded for it, even if it goes against the rules. 3. The resources are there, and are around you even if you can't find them at first, and sometimes you gotta bring a serious grease gun to get the gears moving.  The freedom that this school provides also requires maturity to accept.____Jeffrey L


Nottingham Trent University

Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University:

This program is also a three years long, but you will still be able to get a bachelor degree. You will develop your creativity and imagination, to come up with a design that will suit marketing, and using different types of medium to apply in the graphic design. 

by Leah Davis

Preparing Portfolio for Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University:

  • 12–20 examples of your recent work

          -Use different media to show your skills
          -If it’s 3D work, please submit the photograph of it

For the admission requirements for Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University

 please visit:

Benefits at Nottingham Trent University:

  • shops, restaurants, clubs nearby
  • Friendly environment
  • Wide opportunities after graduating
  • Good internet speed
  • Many club options

Reviews of Nottingham Trent University:

I wasn't quite sure if this was the suitable place, but as soon as I came I was extremely impressed; the facilities exceeded my expectations and the lecturers actually made the subject very interesting, it was very engaging and it's right in the city centre which means it is in a lively environment. I would definitely highly recommend this university to anyone!____Helen Wei Lin Cheung

I went to university here, so naturally I'm biased. Although the new student union is a total eyesore, there are other parts of the campus (Arkwright, Bonington) that are beautiful and have real character. Many of the student halls here would benefit from extensive work (think expensive, institutional, prison-like settings) but regardless, I enjoyed my time here and wouldn't change anything – even the bad parts.____Sophie Draper

I have studied before in some old well-known universities in UK.. when i was accepted for my phd in NTU i was a bit disappointed as it is not a well-known or high-ranked one like mine before. However, i was veeery impressed later with the academic atmosphere, the high standard of the academic staff, the up-to-date electronic services in the library (boots library), the modern buildings, the activities.. the whole atmosphere motivates you to participate in conferences, to attend seminars and to publish in journals. i love it and highly recommend it.____Cloud S