Top Schools for Animation Course/Major in Ontario

Top Schools for Animation Course/Major in Ontario

Description of Animation:

Since image has a big impact in our society, it is like a language that communicates with the audience. With the advance of technology, we now bring image in motion, and also create a three-dimensional space. This type of work called animation, and there are in fact many kinds of animation. We usually see animation in movies, commercials, cartoon, and teaching materials...etc. Indeed, there are plenty of jobs related to animation.

However, if you love to create storyboard and creating your own characters...etc, animation would be a perfect course for you. In this article, I listed some of the top schools in Ontario that have a strong animation major, and the portfolio requirements that you need to prepare for the application for each school.

Related Job For Animator:

  • Artistic practice
  • Film, video and TV production
  • Character Designer
  • Animator
  • Digital Background Painter
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Modeler

Seneca College

Animation program description at Seneca College:

In this 3 years program, you will obtain the skills and knowledge in both traditional and computer animation. In the studio classes, you will also be able to utilize the equipment, facilities and computer software that was currently in the industry. Throughout this program you will develop computer animation and animation production 


by different Seneca  Game Art & Animation Group Project 2018

Preparing Portfolio for Animation at Seneca College:

Note: Submit your portfolio online. Everything must be original.

  • Attend an admission session and complete a drawing and writing assignment 

(details of admission session will be sent after the portfolio submission)

  • A resume of experiences in the art field
  • A written profile
  • 3 life drawings
  • 2 drawings of your own hand
  • 2 object drawings
  • 2 environment drawings
  • 2 drawings of your choice

For the admission requirements of Illustration in Seneca College please visit:

Benefits at Seneca College:

  • Large campus, with many working space
  • Many hands-on courses
  • Choose between part time/ full time students
  • Online courses
  • Co-op / field replacement
  • Affiliations/Associations with: ACM SIGGRAPH / Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity. (FITC) / Interactive Ontario / Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (TAAFI)

Reviews of Seneca College:

Amazing school, professors who are in the field currently and can give helpful teachings and amazing programs/school/opportunities for art students as I currently am an art student of Seneca! I took their Art Fundamentals and going to be taking their Illustration program in the fall! Definitely recommend this school for art students! I'd like to say it is on par with Sheridan now.____br•_•klyn

They provide me with decent services when it comes to my education. I learn a lot from their accounting classes and I’m still here trying to obtain more. Teachers are great and their wifi is amazing. Good selection of food and they have a wide variety of computers to choose from and study locations to just chill and have a good time. I would recommend this place to anyone and keep up the great work!____Steve Nunez

Seneca College is one the best community colleges in Canada. It has 7 campuses. Newham campus is the main campus of Seneca college. Also, it is one one of the largest college campuses in Canada. The college campus is modern and highly technologically developed. Students from all over the world come here to get a better education. Especially students from South Asian countries, such as India, China, Bangladesh, come here a lot. This college offers large computer rooms, libraries with a numerous number of books, student lounges, cafeterias, playground and so on for students. This college is not far from downtown Toronto. Transportation is available all the time. So, anyone can reach here anytime.____Beautiful Universe


Sheridan College

Animation program description at Sheridan College:

The animation program at Sheridan College is 3 years long. You will learn from industry professionals, and use the same techniques and tools that you will need in the future. Moreover, you will be able to create your own film, with your own stories, designs, characters and layouts by using the software and hardware. 

Accepted portfolio in 2018

Preparing Portfolio for Illustration at Sheridan College:

Note: All work must be original. Do not copy any existing (plagiarized) cartoon characters in any part of the portfolio. Mailed-in portfolios will not be accepted. (50 CAD fee will be applied for the submission)

  • 2 drawings of a standing or sitting figure (5 to 20 minutes pose)
  • 2 drawings of figure in motion (1 to 3 minutes pose)
  • 1 drawing that shows a hand anticipating the action – preparing to push a button (on a phone, an elevator, etc.)
  • 1 drawing that shows the hand carrying out the action – pressing the button
  • Character Rotation

          -front view

          -¾ front view

          -profile view

          -¾ back view

  • Short animation (24 images and no more than 48 images)

           -Could be in mpg, mp4, Quicktime, website 

  • Storyboarding

           -4 panels with a beginning, middle and an end 

           -Theme (it changes every year, please check their website for your current               theme)

           -Use a variety of shots: full length, medium shot, close up

           -Include background

           -Do not cover the character(s)’ face

  • 1 line drawing of an interior office (minimum size 640 by 480 pixels)
  • 1 line drawing of natural landscape that could include trees, rocks and mountains (minimum size 640 by 480 pixels)
  • 5 pieces of your personal artwork

For the admission requirements of Illustration in Sheridan College please visit:

Personal artworks of accepted portfolio

Benefits at Sheridan College:

  • 14-week work placement between the third and fourth years
  • Working experience out of the countries (e.g. United State, Europe)
  • unlimited access to Canada’s biggest urban playground, cultural capital and business centre.
  • Collaborating with a diverse range of students and professors
  • Great undergraduate teaching
  • Small class sizes also offer you more face time with your professors

Reviews of Sheridan College:

Fantastic professors and the facilities are great! My favourite was the private group study rooms that you can reserve. I will always value the education I gained at Sheridan.____Heather Piggott

Great school. If you end up at the Mississauga campus you will note the quality of in school technologies are immaculate, teachers are great and the schools curriculum is fantastic. I went to Sheridan, honed my craft and am now a local business owner using the skills I learned everyday.____Fraser MacKenzie

Great collage. Looks great and very beautiful in summer. Also they have special rooms for students to sleep in. They have a library, computer lab, basketball court (indoor), gym (indoor), etc.____Amuleek Reehal

OCAD U (Ontario College of Art and Design University)

Digital Painting and Expanded Animation program description at OCAD U:

This is a specialization of both the Integrated Media and Drawing & Painting programs. In these 4 years, you will be focusing on traditional and digital animation. This includes traditional painting techniques, digital tablet painting and animation. 

by IG: @emelle_arts

Preparing Portfolio for Illustration at OCAD U:

Note: There are two ways to submit your portfolio. If you live in the area that OCAD U provided, an interview is required (25 CAD will be changed). If you are not living in the area, then you may apply through SlideRoom (12 USD will be changed).

  • A statement of indent: Explain your interest of the course that you applied in OCAD U (maximum 300 words)
  • 8 to 10 samples of your original works. It could be in any medium. Submitting works that are related to the major that you applied is recommended.
  • Short art statement for each work of how the process/method/concept (50 words)
  • Some samples of your sketches

For the admission requirements of Illustration in OCAD U please visit:

Benefits at OCAD U:

  • Located in downtown
  • Creative in-class projects with real-world industry partners
  • Gallery exhibitions of your work
  • Internship / field replacement
  • Short experiential learning placements from among hundreds of organizations
  • Freelance creative opportunities

Reviews of OCAD U:

OCAD takes creativity seriously, always has, always will –  and as an alumna it trained me well for all things in life. It was rigorous training, don't expect to be flaky in any way, you would be called out for it.

In a world there's everything DIY, and usually it's free to Do-it-Yourself. Everything except creative talent. Yes you can be born with a natural inclination to be creative,  yet it has to be nurtured to excel in all ways. The flow, the energy, the discovery of re-imagining in this right side of the brain process contributes to growth in all ways, whether it's business graphics and design or EQ and spiritual or mental personal evolution. Thanks OCAD for being a pillar in the Canadian quest for creative excellence.____Karen Hogg

I loved studying here. It is hard, really hard, tho x). You won't sleep and you will barely have any free time, but it is worth it. There are amazing professionals teaching here and they will help you build up your future as an artist. But to get the best out of your time here, you have to be involved, talk to your instructors about your interests, and be eager to learn.____Nikole McGregor

OCAD is a great place to study. Many of my closest friends and colleagues are fellow alumni. Every university has growing pains and some issues with their facilities. Nonetheless, it is still the best art and design school in the country and we should all be proud of our alma mater and the unparalleled quality of its instructors. The future looks promising for a completely new campus to accommodate our growing student body. I'm looking forward to all of the exciting possibilities.____Art Works

Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design

Animation program description at Max the Mutt College:

The animation program at Max the Mutt College is 4 years long. During these years, you will be learning some basic techniques and skills that you will apply in animation. Moreover, you will know how to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation. You will also have the opportunity to work with other students, as a team you will all create a short animation together. Which you will do a lot in the future animation career. 

by Samantha Besa

Preparing Portfolio for Animation at Max the Mutt College:

Note: Students who live at a distance, can apply through email, and arranging an interview in skype. An application fee will be charge: $75 CAD for canadians / $100 CAD international students

  • 2 still life drawings of objects in an environment
  • 1 drawing of your own hand
  • 1 drawing of a room (interior)
  • 1 drawing of your neighbourhood (exterior)
  • Pages of your sketchbook
  • 1 drawing of a character and draw it from the following angles: profile, ¾ front, frontal, ¾ rear.  You may include your developmental sketches along with the finished product
  • 6 studies showing facial expressions for this character (heads only)
  • 1 drawing of a prop for the character
  • Drawing of another character who is physically different from the first one. Show this difference by placing the two characters side-by-side in silhouette
  • 1 drawing of a simple prop of some kind for the second character
  •  Create a simple, 8-16 panel storyboard involving the two characters you have designed and their props
  • A 2-3 pages essay about yourself and why you want to attend this program. Your essay must include:

-What animated films, studios, or animators have inspired you and why?

-What are your major interests and influences?

-What are your favourite books?

-Have you had any team or group experiences?

-Why do you want to attend this program?


 For the admission requirements of Animation in Max the Mutt College

 please visit:

Benefits at Max the Mutt College:

  • Small classes
  • Individual instruction
  • Trains students to meet the realistic demands of the workplace
  • Annual industry night draws recruiters from top companies
  • Flexible in scheduling work hours around our classes and labs

Reviews of Max the Mutt College:

What’s so great about Max the Mutt is the school’s sheer focus on the fundamentals of art and design, and the passion that both students and instructors bring to the table every day.  It’s an environment where you have the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable faculty with real-world industry experience, and where you’re surrounded by like-minded students who are keen on advancing their craft. All in all, it’s a place where you’re easily inspired to produce your best work____M.R. Horhager

I recommend Max the Mutt as your choice for a serious art education. I’ve had the great pleasure to be a guest teacher at Max the Mutt. The faculty has extensive knowledge and experience in the arts industry. It is a place full of anticipation, one filled with prospects. In my short time to getting to know the students, I see so much potential in their vision. I believe that under the guidance at Max the Mutt, the students can find their true passion in their art. For this reason, this September I’m joining the faculty as a part time instructor. The faculty of working professionals with experience in the industry shines a light for the students to navigate the realities of professional arts and design. Max the Mutt is always here to give support and provide the vital learning environment and the right resources for the students to be successful____Frank Hong

Thank you, Maxine, for your encouragement these past few years I’ve attended Max the Mutt College, but also for starting the school in the first place! You brought together just the right set of people who helped me feel prepared for my career change____Dayna Griffiths