How Much Does Art Class Cost in Toronto?

Are you ready to express yourself artistically but want to know how much does art class cost in Toronto? From as little as $15 to as much as $500 or more, finding the right class for you may seem overwhelming. I have put together this guide of the types of art classes you can find in Toronto for any level of skill, along with their cost, so you will know what to expect. Also, this will surely help in preparing your portfolio if you want to go to an art school in the future!

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What Kind of Art Classes are Available in Toronto?

Artistic expression comes in many forms. Some people find drawing relaxing, while others love the vibrant colours associated with oil painting. In Toronto, you can find classes for adults and children in these mediums and more:

Will Classes Be Expensive?

While most art classes charge a reasonable fee for instruction from a professional artist, some classes that run for many weeks can cost between $200-$600. If your budget is tight, consider a one-day art workshop. These intensive sessions give insight into techniques and materials, so you will learn if it's a type of art you wish to pursue further. Workshop prices in Toronto average between $125-$200.

Painting class costs

Expect a higher initial investment for painting classes because you will need to purchase paint, canvases, brushes, and other supplies before you can start. 

Acrylic and Oil painting classes

Acrylic and oil paint is a wonderful medium if your artistic desires drive you to create paintings. There are classes available in styles like contemporary, figurative, abstract, portraiture, and more. If group art classes interest you, I found a two-hour course in abstract painting for $40 a session. If you would like personal attention, you can book a private art class for $100. Want to work with giant, oversized canvases? I found a four-week class that cost $285, with supplies for the first class project included. A one-day workshop in figurative painting techniques is available in Toronto for $155, but you'll need to supply your own materials.

Watercolour classes

Many people find it surprising that the techniques they learn at a watercolour class enable them to create stunning artwork with the most basic of drawing skills. I found a beginning watercolour course in Toronto for $175 which include the cost of materials, while I found a course in advanced watercolour techniques that cost $380. Want to improve your watercolour skies? I found a three-hour class for $45, where you will focus on improving the look of your landscape skies. 

Drawing class costs

Supplies for a drawing class are less expensive than for painting since you only need to purchase a sketchbook and pencils. Drawing classes in Toronto, even for beginners, tend to run for weeks so students can learn about the different drawing media like pencil, charcoal, ink, pastel, and more. Learning observational and perceptual skills, such as positive and negative space and proportion, takes time and practice. I have found a 12-week drawing course that cost $515, and a four-week course for $200. For beginners with interest in drawing, I found a 10-week course for $305. In a relaxing atmosphere, you study the basic techniques and principles of drawing, like proportional measurement and shading.

Open Life Drawing Classes

For those who want to expand their drawing skills using live models, there are Open Life Drawing classes that cost as little as $15 per session. Per-session classes allow for flexibility in your schedule, with no firm dates you must attend regularly.

Independent Personal Artwork Critiques

Are you an aspiring artist, but don't know if you are going in the right direction with your work? No matter which art medium you use, a critique from a professional artist can do wonders to improve your artistic skills. Many art schools offer consultation services. I found these prices for artwork critiques:

  • $90/1-hour session
  • $135/1.5-hour session
  • $180/2-hour session
  • $205/2.5-hour session
  • $250/3-hour session
  • $420/5-hour Consultation Card

Unsure about what type of art class you should take?

I found a class in Toronto with the title "An Introduction to Everything." An art class like this is perfect if you're an artistic person unsure of what medium inspires you most. For $395 (includes art materials) you can experiment in different techniques each week like drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. 

Fun Toronto nights of art and drinks for painting hobbyists

If you don't take your art very seriously and want to have a fun night out with your friends, combining the two is an option! Paint and drink classes are available for $45 for a 2.5-hour class. Have a cocktail and work with watercolours to create your own masterpiece to take home at the end of the evening.


Now that you understand what art classes are available in the Toronto area, I hope you can find the perfect course that allows you to unleash your creative side. So what will you choose? Mastering your portrait sketching, perfecting your blending of oil paint, learning how to paint delicate flowers using watercolours, or just an entertaining night out with your friends? Now that you know how much does art class cost in Toronto, you can find a course that perfectly suits your budget.

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