Ten Wonderful Art Supply Stores You Will Find in Canada

An Introduction to the Artist - His Art Supplies and Art Classes

When you decide you want to become an artist, you buckle down and you start to take on some art classes and do the task of creating your masterpieces for the whole world to see. Inspiration will probably spill from your creative hands. Either that or you will find yourself stuck in a creative block. It is when you do find a flow and a pace that works for you that everything you create in your art genre will start to follow through with that solid plan you have been able to create for yourself.

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Having the perfect art materials that you will need in order to continue to pursue your talent is going to be one of the most important elements for any artist. However, what if you have gotten a good start on your artwork and have run out of supplies? You will need to have a go-to art supply store you can click on or drive to so that you can continue to create without pause.

My View Through Research and Discussion

Today, I would like to explore with you and talk about the different art supplies stores around Canada that I have found which have really good reviews from their customers. It is a good idea to go by store productivity ratings, but I feel it is the customers' voice, yours and mine, that helps a future prospective shopper get a clear understanding if they would even want to take the time to visit. And more importantly, leave the store or website with a full shopping cart - no regrets.

After reviewing Canada and surrounding cities, I discovered that the city of Toronto in Canada had the most art supply stores which have been rated by several bloggers and customers. So, I thought I would list the best ones in no particular order, then research the stores themselves and see what the customer's opinions are about each of these stores along with my evaluation. I will be reviewing the quality and quantity of these stores products along with a take on some customer comments through review sites such as Yelp, and if available on the shop site itself.


1. Studio Six Framing and Art Supplies

To continue, let's start with Studio Six Framing and Art Supplies. This store has everything that an artist would need. Whether you need a frame for your artwork or if it is a certain type of paint you need, this store accommodates the customer. With a walk-in location, they even have painting classes you can attend. They have a website and have an active Facebook page. From customer reviews I found on Yelp.com, it seems this store is more than adequate to help a seasoned artist or an up and coming artist to keep creating beautiful artwork.

2. Toose Art Supplies 

If you are the type to go into a store and pick your supplies out, then Toose Art Supplies is the store to go to. It is a unique little store with its entrance nestled in the corner of a tall building. However, don't let the little corner pocket store fool you, small things can be larger than they appear from the outside. They have plenty of supplies for any artist. They also have an online store. I didn't find many customer reviews, however, the two customer reviews I did find gave Toose a five-star rating.

3. ARTiculations

Are you in need of some articulation to help pick out some art supplies? Well, look no further for the clarity you need. ARTiculations is an all-around superb place to go if you are an artist. Especially, if you like to sketch or paint. The staff are art instructors and will walk you through whatever you need. Articulations provide workshops for adults and children. They will even host your private party, birthday party, or a corporate event. They can customize a lot of things like paint, frames, and panels.

This little gem of a store is a perfect place to hang out for artists' and art lovers alike. They also have a website, or you can go follow them on Facebook and read the excellent reviews from some very happy customers.

4. Deserres

Next, I checked out Deserres. I found that this very big art supply store has 34 locations around Canada. The stock is endless with new products coming in all the time. Not only does Deserres sell paint supplies, but it has an array of products for any type of artwork or craft supplies for the hobbyist. The customer reviews were positive in stating the convenience of easy-to-find products and the good amount of sale items. I found some reviews by some of the store's employees as well, who gave them a three-star rating for a work environment. This store can be found on the web and on social media networks.

5. Opus

The next art supply store that I researched in the Canada area was Opus. I did not find this art supplier from any blogs that I read. Instead, I found it through a few customer reviews. The customers who mentioned this store agreed that it was a really good alternative store if art supply houses like Toose or ARTiculations happen to not have something you desire at the time you need it. Opus specializes in art supplies, digital printing, and framing. They have a storefront and an online website that offers all artists' some helpful tips.

6. Michaels

In a global world, you will more than likely find a certain store that you will see if you travel through several countries or states. Michaels is that art supply store. It is an international company that is supplying a bevy of products not only to a painter or sketch artist but also persons who are more hobby driven customers; frames, paint, glitter, fabric, Michaels stores have it all. However, with such a variety of people who shop at the store, it has very mixed reviews by customers. Hobbyists seem to like it much more than the artists' do.

7. Curry's Artists' Materials

Another store that is spread out across Canada is Curry's Artists' Materials. This store offers several different brands of paints and supplies and the best thing I found after my research into the store is that it has a loyalty program with art group discounts along with student and teacher discounts. It also has an in-store points card to gain points towards other purchases. These points do, however, exclude online purchases. Customer reviews are positive with most saying that everything they were looking for was easy to find.

8. Above Ground Art Supplies

Above Ground Art Supplies has three area locations in Toronto. This store also has an impressive stock of different brand supplies. Above Ground can also be found through their website. They have Resources about events to attend and How-to videos to view online. They also seem to display good deals throughout the store and website. Customers claim a big variety of art supplies that will please students, beginner artists' and professional artists' as well.

9. Midoco Art and Office Supplies

I am down to the last two art supply shops that I listed and researched. Midoco Art and Office Supplies is more than just an art supply shop with several locations around Toronto. It is an office supply shop as well. From my own perspective of surfing their website, I would say it is a teacher's dream supply house. It has plenty of art supplies that would be fun for children in the classroom. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the target customer for this shop is school-aged kids and teachers. Customers that have visited this store seem to have a good opinion of this store. They say it is more than an art store and has many little things that will catch your eye as well.

10. Gwartzman's Art Supplies

Finally, I investigated Gwartzman's Art Supplies. A downtown store that will catch your eye while walking down the sidewalk. Step inside and look through this family-owned business that started off being a fabric shop and quickly changed into an art supply shop to accommodate the local college kids. When you look in this store it is obviously stocked for painters with all the brands of paints and all sizes of canvases. The website is simple like the shop and its owners, but I think it is perfect for a go-to shop for the serious artist. Customers who have visited say the staff is super friendly and will answer any and all questions and this little closet of a shop is filled with anything you will need.


As I wrap up my research into the top ten art supply shops in Canada, I do hope that I brought a little assurance to the reader who may be the starving artist type. If that is you and you live in or around any of these art supply shops that I have mentioned, I believe any of them will have everything you will need and deals to grab in order to keep your art room well stocked and art portfolio preparation going. Happy Shopping!

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