Top 5 Architecture Schools In the United States and the United Kingdom


Industrial design is the detailed process of design for manufacturing object or furniture, or any product. This is a program or job, is usually for artist who loves challenging the combination of art and functionality. Moreover, industrial design also has another section that is more about designing in fashion and accessory. Professional architects, are required not just knowing skills about architecture, but also interior design, furniture design, industrial design ...etc. It is a profession that requires a very comprehensive ability. In this article I will be sharing the top 5 architecture school in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Relatable jobs that you can work as an architecture:

  • Restoration Architect
  • Research Architect
  • Lighting Architect
  • Landscape Architect
  • Extreme Architect
  • Political Architect
  • Urban Planner

University College London

Architecture at University College London:

Attending at University College London for architecture, you may learn and exchanging ideas with students across the globe during your three years study of architecture at University College London. The school provide creative flexibility and ideas generation opportunities for students to connect with the architecture community. For instance, you can be enrolled in the UK’s biggest architecture summer show. Or be a part of their Design Units, where you can develop your creative project and undertake field work and trips. University College London will lead you to the community of studying, teaching, researching and building your own environment. One of LoveFunArt students got in to University College London and here is the interview liking where Kevin Zhang shared his first year experience in architecture at University College London:

LoveFunArt student review:

Kelvin- I am full of passion in architecture, because of Frank Gehry. Yet, during high school, I had no one to share the same interest and passion in architecture. After participating in University College London’s summer camp, I was certain that architecture is my dream. Thanks to all teachers at LoveFunArt to helped me when I needed. Such as practicing the interview with me for University College London. The moment I got the offer from University College London was the best day ever. Attending University College London, I met many peers that share the same passion as me in architecture, in art. We even travelled, and having art discussion together. It is stressful, yet worth it. 


Preparing Portfolio for Architecture at University College London: 

Note: An interview will be required, if you live in a distance the interview will be online. 

  • Interview
  • 10 physical works or images of your works that show your skill and creativity 
  • Could be in sketches, drawings, photography, paintings, sculpture, ceramics, models, product design, computer code, fashion design, lighting design or jewellery...etc. 

For the admission requirements for Architecture in University College London please visit:

Benefits at University College London:

  • Located in a big city downtown
  • Convenient transportation
  • Student clubs and organizations
  • Specialty service at theaters, sports facilities, day nurseries, health centers and student counselling services
  • Great dorm environment

Reviews at the University College London:

Beautiful art and historical information about pioneer women scientists in the UCL Art Museum. Used to work in the Medical Faculty many years ago, could not revisit building because of tight security barrier and guards.  The times they are a changing!____Haysha EVANS

Spent a year here pursuing my LLM and it was one of my best and most fulfilling academic years. Incredibly brilliant professors, lecturers and peers all-around. Located at the heart of Bloomsbury, where you will find an incredible academic atmosphere. Admin efficiency could be improved but I have left that feedback with the staff. Great memories!____J Y

As we know, UCL is of course one of the top 10 universities over the world. The academic power and capability are actually beyond the general public's expectations. For example, in the field of brain sciences and neurosciences which have been becoming more important as the future tech., UCL is placed 2nd just behind Harvard University in the world. Other than that, the research capabilities of UCL in education and architecture are the world top. I was once a visiting PhD student of UCL (I am currently working in MIT), and I was so satisfied with the life in UCL. Especially, professors (+lecturers) and PhD guys were incredibly smart and genius. Excellent Univ.____James Smith


University of Bath

Architecture at the University of Bath:

University of Bath accepts student with not much experience in architecture. Hence, you won’t need to worry too much for not having knowledge in architecture. You will be equipe the skill of studio-based design with technical knowledge of materials and construction techniques. Then involved in a professional work experience within our courses. Using science, art and technology to create the built environment.

by Charlotte Keers, James Tbien, Elizabeth Hoang, Huey Yuen Lee, Omar Elnagar, Omar El Nashar

LoveFunArt Student Review:

Willie- One time, I travelled to London, and visited University of Bath. It immediately become my dream school. There were four teachers tutoring my portfolio at LoveFunArt. One of them graduated from University of Bath, architecture. The preparation of my portfolio was successful. It took me six month, and I got the offer from University of Bath as I hoped. University of Bath is a school that have solid courses, and rigorous, which suits me. 

There is not a portfolio requirement for architecture at the University of Bath

For the admission requirements for Architecture in University of Bath please visit:

Benefits at the University of Bath:

  • Cheap transportation
  • Good facilities
  • Large campus
  • Quiet place
  • Friendly environment

Reviews at the University of Bath:

The best university for people who want to work hard and succeed in life. Excellent campus and social life. The whole studying atmosphere makes you want to crave for more knowledge.____Dimena

I truly love my time at Bath. Happiest days of my life so far, and that’s just due to the social side. The professors are lovely and often hard working and clearly care a lot about their students.____member1033259

As a first year, I absolutely love the University of Bath. The campus is beautiful, the clubs and societies provided are amazing full of amazing students. Everyone is so friendly and intelligent, it is very easy to fit in quickly. The only problem I can think of with the university is that the library is often full and it can be difficult to find a space especially near exams, however there are many other places suitable for quiet studying all around the campus.____AndreV

University of Cambridge

Architecture at the University of Cambridge:

During the three year of architecture at the University of Cambridge, you will develop a strong independent studio working skills. The school provides students a design studio space, where they will spend 2 days in a week to create their ideas with the support of architecture knowledge that they learn in the lecture class. After graduating, you will become an independent skilled architect. 

by Aska Welford

Preparing Portfolio for Architecture at University Cambridge:

Note: An interview will be required. 

  • Original works from different materials
  • There isn’t a number of work to submit
  • Show your strength in different medium
  • Do not include designs for buildings

For the admission requirements for Architecture in University Cambridge please visit:

Benefits at the University of Cambridge:

  • Formal dinners in nice halls, black tie events, garden parties, May Balls, similar fancy activities
  • Great accommodation guaranteed for the duration of your course
  • Very central, have many shops and restaurants nearby
  • Perfect size, not too big to feel unknown, still large enough to meet loads of new people
  • College cat, and dog

Reviews at the University of Bath:

I had a long dream of going to Cambridge University and that was fulfilled last month. One of my relatives has helped me to move around the university. We took a shuttle service to enter inside the campus then we walked. It was a nice experience to walk on a rainy afternoon. We visited some of the most famous colleges in Cambridge and few chapels.____Dr. Shaunak Das

Amazing place. I hope to study here one day whether it be in 3 years or 20 years time. This place is part of British and world history through and through. Even for a visit, I would recommend due to the amazing scenery and historic feel of the city. It's not like you'll ever get bored however, as the city is packed with shops, quite literally having every brand you could think of. Also, if you're a fan of Chinese cuisine, you will love it here, with the outskirts packed with Chinese takeaways.____Benas J

One of the best university in the world with thousands of scholars and brilliant minds. The city itself is so beautiful to explain with words but to witness it. Without this university our world would be so much behind the clock. For foreign students the dorm and house rent is very high and every one seems to love riding bikes in this county. Anyone who comes to Cambridge this university is a must visit place along the way of kings college trinity university and other educational institutions.____Zubayer Khan

Cornell University

Architecture at Cornell University:

The architecture program at Cornell University is longer compared to the other school. It is a five year program, yet you will get a bachelor of architecture professional degree. You will not just learn the skills and knowledge to become an architect, but also have the opportunity to study at Rome,AAP's New York City program, in one of your third year semester. The discipline will help you develop the skills and intellectual tools to solve problems in architecture.

by Hyemin Jang

Preparing Portfolio for Architecture at Cornell University: 

Note: The portfolio submission will be through SlideRoom.

  • 18 to 20 images of your work that shows your skills
  • Image (JPG、PNG、GIF)
  • Video (MOV、MWV、FLV、MP4)

For the admission requirements for Architecture in Cornell University please visit:

Benefits at Cornell University:

  • Dormitories and off-campus housing
  • Natural areas
  • Shuttle buses are available to New York City
  • Many club options
  • Calm and relaxing environment

Reviews at Cornell University:

Wonderful Dedicated young men and women with a 5.0GPA work Ethics .EXCELLENT Professor's. Dorms are spacious than other Ivy Universities. One of the reason my family and I chosed to attend this UNIVERSITY. Not far away from shopping Centers.  Students have a helpful and friendly attitude with a willingness the help other first time students.____Renee Luke

Had a terrific experience there as a student.  I loved my teachers, the curriculum, the facilities, the outside environment and much more.  Met my wife there and made great life-long friendships. GO BIG RED!____Justin Reese

One of the best decisions I have possibly ever made. For a city girl like me, the country tranquility and studious atmosphere was exactly what I needed to stop myself from being distracted by the hustle and bustle of city life. As for the famous chilly winters, all Cornelian complain about it, but then later it becomes something that all alumni would have endured through and remember ____Si2 Yu

Rhode Island School of Design

Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design:

The program is also 5 years long. Yet it can get you ready to enter the professional field. You will be able to address the issue in architecture, and understand principles for the practice of architecture, including advocacy, ethical actions and project management. Anything that is about architecture, you will have the knowledge of it. 

by Carl Jentz Zirbel

Preparing Portfolio for Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design:

Note: The portfolio submission will be through SlideRoom.

  • 12 to 20 images of your work that shows your skills
  • formats: jpeg, png, gif, mp4 and mov
  • Writing sample (max 650 words)

For the admission requirements for Architecture in Rhode Island School of Design please visit:

Benefits at Rhode Island School of Design:

  • More classes, more opportunities
  • Long breaks
  • Friday off (usually)
  • Very diverse
  • Friendly professors

Reviews at Rhode Island School of Design:

Not gonna lie to you, RISD is a really expensive place to pursue an education, but it pays off. You'll meet a lot of people who are more talented than you are and you can't help but learn from them, befriend them, and grow a network of lifelong friends and connections. The professors are usually great, often inspiring, and always knowledgeable. If you're going here, art and design should absolutely be your emphasis, but you'll also have ample opportunity to round out your education with RISD liberal arts and a massive selection of Brown classes. It's also worth noting that the RISD name has a lot of pull in the job market, and alumni connections are considerable. Opportunities for internships and full time work are everywhere, particularly for design majors. I can't personally speak to RISD's fine arts connections, but I believe they are similarly strong.____Timothy P

A wonderful art school for people looking to study art, but for yelpers there is a wonderful art museum open to the public. In addition, if you are in the area, some of their dining hall cafes are open to the public and trust me their food is not your average dining hall food its actually a high quality a food and not all that expensive.____Annamarie T

Okay, so this review could be miles long, but I will sum it up as briefly as possible: 1. The best art school in the country.  Because of its exemplary museum, setting, faculty, students, programmes and culture. It isn't difficult to be amazed at the work of the people associated with RISD. 2. You gotta be ready for it to really get the most out of it.  There are rules and their are expectations, but you can and should do your own thing while learning whereever you can, and you will be rewarded for it, even if it goes against the rules. 3. The resources are there, and are around you even if you can't find them at first, and sometimes you gotta bring a serious grease gun to get the gears moving.  The freedom that this school provides also requires maturity to accept.____Jeffrey L