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How Much Money Does Animation School Tuition Cost in Canada?

Animation started out as an experiment. Nearly a century ago, people discovered that you could create an artwork that tells a story by animating series of hand-drawn images, and so they tried it out. Then in 1937, the first-ever full-length animated film — Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs — was released, and it blew everyone’s minds. 

How Much Money Does Gaming School Tuition Cost in Canada?

Animation has come a long way to think that it has simply started out as experimentation. People discovered that they could tell a story by animating hand-drawn illustrations, and so they tried it out. Then, the first-ever animated feature-length movie was released, and everything was forever changed.

Which Is Better: Fashion Design or Fashion Technology?

The fashion industry is undoubtedly one of the biggest industries all over the world right now. After all, everyone in the world needs clothes to live, and for a lot of us, we express ourselves through clothing, so we get creative at times. Because of this, it makes sense that buying clothes and other accessories will never go out as style, thus explaining why the fashion industry is a billion-dollar one. 

Art School and Career Guide for Students

Art has been around for literally millennia. You could even argue that it is as old as time itself, and as of right now, art shows no signs of ever going away. It’s understandable why art has thrived for so long and why it continues to thrive. After all, art provides people with a means of expressing their inner selves or of capturing the world as they see it.

Game Design School and Career Guide for Students

Video games are a very common form of entertainment these days. It’s likely that you know someone in your life who enjoys playing video games. After all, not only do video games provide you with thrill-inducing virtual adventures but, at times, they will also include a storyline to keep things interesting. In other words, video games are immersive and interactive, thus making them a popular choice for entertainment nowadays.

Fashion School and Career Guide for Students

The fashion industry is one of the most lucrative industries all over the world. And it makes perfect sense why. After all, clothes are some of the absolute necessities in everyone’s lives, and in addition to that, people can express themselves through the clothing that they wear. In other words, fashion makes it easier for people to let their artistic soul shine through, thus explaining the popularity of this industry.

Interior Design School and Career Guide for Students

Interior design is a fascinating field on its own. It is described as the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building so as to achieve a much healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. In other words, interior design is very multifaceted as it deals with various fields, particularly aesthetics, science, and business, all at the same time. And with this, it is safe to say that interior design is a unique form of art. And it is no wonder that it’s becoming such a flourishing industry as of now.

Animation School and Career Guide for Students

As a field, animation has come a long way. After all, it simply started out because traditional artists wanted to experiment. They wanted to see if it was possible to make a film and tell a story by animating a bunch of hand-drawn illustrations. But what started out as experimentation soon became much bigger than anyone thought.

Best Art Portfolio Tips to Apply for Art School

It is the dream of every aspiring artist out there to attend a great art school. After all, it is in a great art school where they will get the chance to hone their artistic skills and become the best artist they can be. However, if you are an aspiring artist yourself, you should know by now that getting to a great art school is a tough competition.

Top 10 Fashion Design Schools in Canada

This might be a notion that not a lot people think about, but fashion is an art of its own. You can totally make a dress as though it were an artwork that will elicit some form of reaction from other people. You can also express your thoughts and feelings on the way you dress up or the clothing you wear. Long story short, there is a lot of creativity that goes into fashion, thus making it its own kind of art.

Top 10 Best Art Schools in Canada

Art has been around for as long as our world has been. And since it’s a field that is as old as time itself, it has undergone so many changes and developments.

How Does Technology Help Contemporary Artists with Their Art?

There is this widespread notion that it must be pretty tough for an artist to create artworks these days. After all, technology has heavily dominated the world in the 21st century, and how can art compete with that? Especially when art is an old field and technology is a new field that’s already taking the world by storm. For a lot of people, they think that the answer is crystal clear: it’s a losing battle for art, considering that technology is the obvious winner.